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Showing 1 - 24 of 425 products
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Penta Concrete Wall Fountain - Giannini #1747Penta Concrete Wall Fountain - Giannini #1747
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Tribus Concrete Wall Fountain - Giannini #1710Tribus Concrete Wall Fountain - Giannini #1710
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Cast Iron Sugar Kettle Fountain Kit - Blue ThumbCast Iron Sugar Kettle Water Fountain - Blue Thumb
Blue Thumb Cast Iron Sugar Kettle Water Fountain - Blue Thumb
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Black Ribbed Granite Sphere Fountain - Complete Kit - Blue ThumbBlack Ribbed Granite Sphere Fountain - Complete Kit - Blue Thumb
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Black Basalt Cuboid "Heiho" Fountain - Complete Kit - Blue ThumbBlack Basalt Cuboid "Heiho" Fountain - Complete Kit - Blue Thumb
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 Meadows Glow Concrete Fountain w/Lights - Massarellis #3501Meadows Glow Concrete Fountain w/Lights - Massarellis #3501

Outdoor Garden Water Fountains for Sale

Diverse Outdoor Water Feature Styles for Every Yard & Landscape

Explore a variety of outdoor fountains designed to complement any garden style. From classic garden fountains to contemporary wall fountains, our collection offers an extensive range to suit many aesthetic preferences. 

Some of our Design Themes: Contemporary (Modern)Heritage (Traditional)SplendorNatural (Real Stone)Rustic (Downhome Styles)Fire & WaterGFRC Boulder FountainsMeditationMetal & Glass.

Loud Garden Fountains Can Help Mask Unwanted Noise

Strategically place a garden fountain within your favorite sitting area to help mask intrusive noises from the street, neighbors, and elsewhere. 

Tall, multi-tiered fountains are good for hiding unwanted ambient noises. So are fountains with pools. Spillway style fountains can also drown out other sounds due to their traditionally wider scuppers. 

Examples of Fountains that Help Hide Unwanted Noise

Calanthia 3-Tier Fountain

Caterina 2-Tier Fountain with Pool

Falling Water 1 Fountain

Triple Brass Spillway Bowl Fountain

Tranquility Birds 4-Tier Fountain

Pavassa 3-Tier Fountain

Learn more about using a loud fountain to hide street noise in this popular article we've written. 

Spruce Up a Boring Fence or Wall with an Outdoor Wall Fountain

Make a statement with a larger outdoor wall fountain. These majestic centerpieces are designed with one flat side that sits against a wall or fence, creating a beautiful focal point in an otherwise bland space. Always secure a wall fountain to a fence, wall, or other solid structure. 

Hanging Wall Fountains – A European Tradition 

The MC5 Hanging Wall Fountain
The Sussex Hanging Wall Fountain
The Portico Hanging Wall Fountain

Popular Outdoor Wall Fountains 

Penta Wall Fountain
Falling Water 2 Wall Fountain
Mondrian Tall Wall Fountain
The MC3 Wall Fountain
Olive Grove Wall Fountain
Slate Spillway Wall Fountain

Popular Indoor Waterfall Wall Fountains

Grandeur River Freestanding Water Wall
Aspen Falls Mounted Water Wall
Inspiration Falls Mounted Water Wall

Outdoor Bird Bath Fountains to for Your Feathered Friends

Birdbath Fountains seamlessly combine aesthetics with avian allure, providing a captivating focal point while offering feathered friends a refreshing respite. 

These are fountains at their core, but designed in a way to allow birds to perch and take a drink. Larger species' will additionally be able to bathe and get into the water bowl.

Popular Bird Bath Fountains

Volcanic Basalt Bird Bath Fountain
Dolce Nido Fountain
Juliet Fountain
Camellia Birdbath Fountain
Large GFRC Birdbath Boulder Fountain

Fountains for Small Spaces – Balcony, Tabletop, Nook and More

Sophistication meets space efficiency. Perfect for tabletops and reading nooks/corners, these fountains are still expertly crafted from the same high-strength cast stone concrete as their larger counterparts. This ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Elevate your indoor or outdoor space with the soothing sounds of flowing water, as these compact yet elegant fountains add a touch of tranquility to any environment.

Popular Small Water Fountains

Textured Spa Fountain with Planter
Mermaid Fountainette with Lights
Songbird Fountain
Cardinal Fountainette with Lights
Mini Element Bird Fountain
Springtime Birds Fountainette with Lights

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