Preparation & Care

Preparing for Your Order

For heavy fountains, be sure to have assistance in the form of manpower or equipment to help relocate your item from curbside to its final location. Don't forget to also view our Delivery Inspection Checklist.

Subsurface Basin Fountains: note the basin dimensions and installation instructions provided on the product page and begin preparing your location for the fountain's arrival.

Pedestal/Standard Above-Ground Fountains
: these should be installed on a solid, level foundation. A concrete slab may be ideal for helping prevent erosion caused by the elements. We also sell cast stone concrete fountain foundations.

Pond/Basin Fountains
: it is recommended to install these on a thin layer of sand (bewteen 0.5" and 1.0" in depth) on top of a concrete slab to aid in leveling and help prevent stress cracks.

Shipping Policy

Fountain Care

These tips are provided as general guidance. Always follow item-specific care instructions that may arrive with your order.

DO: use distilled water (indoor and outdoor fountains). Alternately, treat tap water with PROTEC® to control the presence of naturally occurring metals. 

DO: keep the pump submerged in water at all times and add water to your fountain as needed for your specific location, climate and fountain size.

DO: clean the fountain pump every 3 months to keep it free from debris and harmful obstructions. Detach the pump and soak it in a solution of vinegar and water; use a toothbrush for hard to reach areas. Rinse the pump before returning it to the fountain and refilling it with water. 

DO: wipe down the fountain bowl(s) as needed every 1-3 months by emptying the fountain and using a non-abrasive cloth or non-abrasive brush with a vinegar & water solution. 

DON’T: constantly turn the pump on and off everyday. Fountain pumps are designed to run constantly. Turn off the pump only when cleaning or if you will be away for several days. 

DON’T: neglect signs of algae – which is bound to appear in fountains that receive direct sunlight. Use an approved algae remover.

DON’T: run a fountain during winter months in climates that reach below freezing; the expanding and contracting nature of freezing water will damage your pump and lines. If you can’t disassemble your fountain and store it out of the elements, purchase a fountain cover that completely covers the basin or the entire fountain.

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