Handmade from copper, gold leaf, stained glass, and other premium materials.

Fountainful is proud to be a Professional Partner of West Coast Weather Vanes, the premier U.S. design studio for commissioned weathervanes.
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Your Vision Come to Life

If you can imagine it, the artisans can probably create it!  Bring your ideas to the table and let the creative process flow. 

Heirloom Sculptures

Your weathervane will be handmade at a design studio nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The artisans bring decades of experience and create pieces of such fine quality that they’re often handed down generationally.

Quiet Luxury

Superior materials that hold a timeless quality and will retain their beauty through time and trends.

Popular: Dogs

Popular: Horses

Popular: Mythological

Meet Your Artisans

Industry Leader, At Your Service

West Coast Weathervanes is celebrating 35 years in business. They've produced 7,000+ custom weathervanes commissioned by clients worldwide.

"We requested a Red Tailed Hawk weathervane, and it arrived this week. The packaging insured that it could have gone through a hurricane and survived! The vane turned out beyond my wildest dreams! It is truly a work of art we will cherish every time we glance up at it." – Sue C.


The process is very collaborative. It begins with a 1-on-1 consultation with your artisan.  There'll be a mockup/approval phase and multiple calls throughout development.

A project will generally range from $4,995 to $15,000, depending on materials, size, and other factors. The total cost will be determined during the mockup phase.

A deposit of 10% will be required before the project commences. 

Expect a total production time of 2-3 months. 

Your weather vane can be configured for placement in a Garden (mounted on a galvanized pipe), atop a Cupula (house or structure), a Deck or a Wall.

Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver, Gold Leaf, Palladium Leaf, Patinas, Stained Glass, Clear Coats and Varnishes, Lead Coated Copper