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Showing 1 - 24 of 67 products
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Campania Outdoor Wall Fountains

The Campania design studio is known to produce some of the most luxurious and beautiful outdoor wall water features. With an eclectic assortment of both contemporary and classic designs, a Campania wall fountain for outside is bound to complement your decorative theme.

Best Selling Campania Wall Fountains


Mondrian Tall

St. Aubin

Massarelli Outdoor Wall Fountains

With 50+ years of garden industry leadership under their belt, Massarelli's design team takes a charming approach to wall fountain designs and often integrates animals and other whimsical patterns into the overall aesthetic.

Best Selling Massarelli Wall Fountains

Bears Wildlife

Laveen Arch Bird

Fortuna Butterfly

Giannini Exterior Wall Fountains

Emphasizing a uniquely Italian aesthetic to their designs, the Gianninis have a diverse range of flat wall fountains and water features including the always popular Lion Head wall fountain design theme.

Best Selling Giannini Wall Fountains

Sorrentine Lion head

Olive Grove


Large Outdoor Wall Fountains

When the size of an outdoor space and budget allow, a large outdoor wall fountain can provide a striking focal point to any boring fence or exterior wall. Many large wall fountains are generational pieces, passed down to members within the same family. 


Double Brentwood


Small Outdoor Wall Fountains

For quaint nooks and corners where you enjoy reading or relaxing, a small exterior wall fountain can be both meditative and easy on the budget. 





Hanging Wall Fountains

When a mountable water feature is possible, consider a unique and charming hanging wall fountain by the artists at Campania.

Here are three beautiful options to choose from:




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