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Wall fountains have a rich history in many parts of the world where they have graced the structures of churches, castles, and other prominent buildings. Check out this panoramic shot of 16th century wall fountains in Rome, known as the Quattro Fontane. 🤯

Wall fountains generally have a flat side. This design element can often provide the perfect placement opportunity that a unique outdoor space requires. 

While wall fountains don't offer 360° views of falling water due to the flat side, they open a door of other possibilities for placement against a fence, wall, support column and more.

Motion & Life for an empty space

Avignon Concrete Wall Fountain by Giannini Fountains

This customer's placement of the Avignon Wall Fountain makes a beautiful accent to their garden wall. The subtle color selection lets the flowers shine, while the fountain's understated presence provides the sounds that help round out the garden's peaceful ambiance. 

Fences and walls aren’t known for being the focal point of their space. This is especially true of outdoor walls, which are nearly impossible to hang something decorative on.

A fountain placed against an outdoor wall or column can turn a previously neglected space into a conversation piece, a new gathering place when entertaining guests, or a source of peaceful ambient sounds. Depending on the design, a wall fountain can provide multiple focal points of water flow in the form of jetted spouts, cascades, or waterfalls.

For the avid gardener, there are even wall fountains that integrate a planter, providing a way to add life to the space with foliage or flowers!

Two popular planter style wall fountains include the Foro Romano Fountain by Giannini Fountains and the Lion Head Two-Bowl Fountain by Massarelli’s Fountains. 

Hide street noise with ambient water sounds

Amalfi Wall Fountain by Giannini

The owners of this Amalfi Wall Fountain selected a location among their family gathering place. With a prominent presence on the patio, the fountain produces relaxing ambient sounds to enjoy during outside mealtime and even from inside when the French doors are opened. 


A strategically placed wall fountain can help mask noise from the street or neighbors. Consider the specific layout of your space and determine which location will gain the most benefit from the addition of water sounds. 

  • Do you have a small outdoor space with close proximity to the street or neighbors? Keeping the fountain close to earshot may be optimal. Consider placing the fountain against the immediate exterior wall when exiting your house, or against a patio or pergola support column within your sitting area.

  • Do you have a firepit in the yard or a designated gathering area further away from the house? A fountain that’s strategically placed against a fence in that part of the yard may help mask ambient noise drifting in from other properties or a road. Be sure to note the length of electrical cord required to reach these places. 

Pro tip: for a more in-depth discussion on fountain sound levels, see a previous blog post

Follow logical safety precautions

Children and pets should never be allowed to climb on a fountain – of any style – even when the fountain is not operational. Whenever possible, secure a wall fountain to the wall or fence against which it is placed. 

Add a wall fountain to your outdoor space today

Tribus Wall Fountain by Giannini

At just over 3 feet tall, the Tribus Wall Fountain is the perfect accent to a patio wall or smaller space. Featuring copper water spouts, the Tribus series is among the most popular of wall fountains and comes in a variety of sizes. 

Fountainful offers wall fountains from upmarket manufacturers and design studios including Giannini Fountains and Massarelli’s Fountains. Wall fountains come in a variety of the traditional styles that shoppers love including lion head, scuppered tier, and spillway.

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