First-Time Shoppers

We salute your good taste! Fountainful represents design studios with 30-50+ years building beautiful concrete garden accents.

Within 24-hours of ordering, your build is queued for production. This means the molds, concrete mix, and color stain are allocated.

Concrete fountains are held together by gravity just like they've been designed in Europe for millennia – there are no interlocking components. Remember that children and pets must NEVER climb or play on a fountain or bird bath.

Yes! Many of the family-run design studios we represent have been industry leaders for 30-50+ years. Their processes are meticulous.

➤ Casting, curing, and staining decorative cast-stone concrete is not an exact science. Delivery times are rough estimates based on the design studios' extensive track records. 

First they pour the concrete and let it dry; then the piece will get buffed and polished before being stained to your color selection and dried again. Then a waterproofing seal is applied.

All stains and seals must cure completely before shipment.

The biggest contributor to an extended cure time is unseasonably humid weather where the design studio is located. This isn't frequent, but can happen in spring & summer. 

The designers will completely refinish a piece if the original coat did not meet expectations.

The color finishes from Massarelli’s and Giannini Garden Ornaments are stains, not paint. Stains are formulated to enhance and complement the hand sculpted
concrete craftsmanship – not hide it! 

It’s natural for the cast stone to show through in parts.

Order & Shipping

No, this generally is not possible.

There is only so much the design studio can do to rush production as cure time is the longest step.  One of the contributors to cure time is the humidity level, and this is often hard to predict.

The long cure time applies to both cast stone concrete and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. A design studio will refinish a product if the original stain does not meet expectations.

Not generally. Our standard LTL delivery service includes a liftgate, which gives the delivery driver the ability to safely lower the pallet from the truck and onto the ground.

Once on the ground, you and your helpers can carry individual fountain components or use a dolly/handcart to move them to your location of choice.

If a forklift is required to first get the pallet off the truck, this will be conveyed in the product description.

At this time we only ship within the Lower United States, with a potential plan to expand the range in 2024. Most items ship Free Standard Delivery within the Lower 48 U.S.

If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally, please contact us to discuss options.

Most heavy, Made-to-Order concrete items ship via national and local LTL shipping partners.

Ready-to-ship items often ship via common carrier such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

Similar to furniture deliveries, you're likely to receive a call from the freight carrier to confirm a date and time for drop off.

Refer to our Shipping Policy for additional information.

Yes! You'll receive tracking details via email as soon as the tracking number populates the system and is made available to us.

For Made-to-Order items, this happens after the design team gives us the Ready-for-Pickup date.

For Ready-to-Ship items, this happens when the warehouse confirms the shipment has been picked up by the freight carrier.

Due to the heavy weight of our concrete Made-to-Order offerings, the majority of orders ship via LTL freight carrier. As a Fountainful customer, you have two options for receiving your order:

"Standard Shipping" is free of charge. In this case, the pallet is safely lowered on a liftgate at your curb/foot of the driveway.

We also offer an upgrade to "Threshold/Inside Property Line." In this case, after the pallet is lowered, a cart is used to bring it up to the porch, garage, or potentially the side of the house if there is no gate. Select this option during checkout for an additional charge. Not available on Blue Thumb items.

See our Shipping Policy for additional details.

Made-to-Order delivery time frames are stated on each product page and vary by brand. See our Shipping Policy for a master calendar of brand time frames.

Each item is individually hand built and the stain/finish must completely cure before the item is packaged for safe transit.

We intentionally state a broad delivery time frame to maintain accuracy from season to season.

// Example: after Easter and through the summer months, deliveries will shift to the latter portion of the range, due to increased volume driven by spring and summer garden planning. Conversely, orders placed in winter months deliver within the earlier portion of the range, and sometimes even sooner.

Ready-to-Ship items typically leave the warehouse within 5-7 business days of order placement.

Keep in mind that the Shipping Weight is a figure that includes the weight of the pallet, boxes, packaging, etc.

In many, many cases a fountain (and even a lot of bird baths) are shipped in individually wrapped, multiple component pieces, making placement more manageable. .


Yes! It's best to start with a natural concrete product that has not been treated, painted, or sealed after coming out of the mold.

When ordering a Massarelli's or a Giannini product this way, select "Natural" from the palette. The item will be white/gray in appearance.

Review the two processes below. The Natural Aging Method will provide ongoing fascination as you get to observe nature do its thing over a long period of time.

Natural Aging Method

  • Encourage the growth of moss by wetting the piece thoroughly and brushing it with either plain yogurt that contains active cultures, beer, buttermilk, or sour milk.
  • If possible, place the item in a shady place.
  • You may need to repeat this process.
  • Click to see example of an aged natural fountain.

Painted Aging Method

  • Using a diluted, water-based paint, brush the piece with the paint and wife off the excess with a rag or sponge.
  • Use a dark green shade to obtain a mossy look or a dark brown to obtain an old stone look. (or combine colors depending on the look you want to achieve!)

Do you notice what appear to be little indentations on the surface? This is normal and indicative of the old-world process of concrete water feature building!

The indentations are in fact air pockets, and are a testament to the presence of sand and stone in the cast stone concrete. They provide stability and durability; without them, the material would more closely resemble a weak cement.

The pockets receive the waterproofing seal like the rest of the surface.

This is NOT recommended. Use a gentle garden hose with Dawn dish soap and a fountain additive, such as one of these eco-friendly options.

Not at all, and especially not within a Brand.

For example: a Giannini fountain priced under $1,000 is made with the same individualized hands-on approach as a Giannini fountain priced higher.

Size is a primary factor of price, as larger fountains require more raw materials, labor, hardware, and a more powerful pump (all of which is included with the fountain).

For cast stone concrete products with hairline cracks up to 1/2" wide, we recommend using Quikrete (available from home improvement stores and Amazon). Many design studios/manufacturers also make touch up paint available. Contact us if you'd like to order some!

For cracks larger than 1/2" wide, send us a photo and we'll get repair guidance from the design team.

In most cases, yes! Many of the design studios and manufacturers we represent can mold, stain, and ship a single component piece.

Email a photo of your water feature to us at and include the model name + palette color if known. Give us a day or two to determine the price from the design team.

Products designated as Made-to-Order are not returnable. Within days of order placement, materials have been commissioned and multiple teams have begun work on various elements of the build.

Products designated as Ready-to-Ship must be clean, unused, and in their original packaging to receive return approval. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

View our Refund Policy for complete requirements

For larger or heavy models, customers without an existing landscape contractor will often use and search using it's Water Feature Contractor locator tool.

Other options include checking with local nurseries that offer install services or with landscape design companies.

Also note that the tiers and pedestals are individually packaged for shipment, meaning the weight of certain individual components will be more manageable for relocation.

Yes! When water starts having little white caps and bubbles, you know that more air is being churned. It is probably time to add water. 

We do NOT recommend using chlorine or other pool chemicals in a fountain. Chlorine will damage the pump and discolor the fountain material, whether cast stone concrete, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, or natural stone.

Additionally, for the safety of wildlife that may drink the water, we do not recommend chlorination. To combat algae and calcium buildups with environmentally-friendly cleansers, we recommend FounTec and ProTec from our Cleaning Supplies selection.


Yes! This is a common best practice as it improves landscaping aesthetics.

After receiving the order, review the specs of the pump and check online for viable third-party alternatives.

The key is to find a pump with the same output (i.e., the gallons-per-hour) for best performance) and with the same connection plug (usually a standard 3-prong) for best electrical security).

A standard 120v outlet (3-pronged) outlet, the most common household outlet, is all you need.

Because pumps are physically interchangeable with another pump of the same connection size, you could potentially research solar options after getting things set up and taking proper measurements.

Things to consider with a solar-powered pump: 1) You need space for the solar panels, and must be prepared to have them placed in your landscape near the fountain. 2) A quality solar pump costs in the $70+ range. 3) A solar pump will not operate on cloudy or overcast days, or at night. 4) The water flow is not as consistently strong as an electric pump and may limit the fountain from functioning at its full capacity. 5) You may require 6-8 hours of steady sunlight daily to achieve desired results.


A fountain is built and shipped according to the stated time frame for that product, regardless of if a payment plan selected.

In other words, you won't have to complete the payment plan before receiving the fountain – it will be delivered in the same time frame as paying in full at checkout.

See our Financing page for other common questions, and note the "Financing a Made-to-Order Item" disclosure at the bottom of made-to-order product pages. We've stated it here for quick reference: If you choose to finance your purchase with Affirm, your first payment is due approximately 2 weeks after your purchase is finalized. Please note that due to extended delivery times of hand built water features and accents, your loan payment(s) may be due before you receive your purchase.

Yes! The installment plans offered by Shop Pay will be calculated using your actual purchase price.

No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment. However, partial payments or late payments might impact your credit score, or your eligibility to use Shop Pay Installments in the future. If you have questions about a missed installment payment, please contact Affirm support for assistance.

Yes, $17,500 USD is the order value limit that applies to purchases using Shop Pay Installments, including discounts, shipping, and taxes. 

Studio M

Studio M recommends using warm, soapy water and a microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasive tools or chemicals.

For environmentally friendly, bird safe algae prevention, consider this product recommended by Fountainful.

The vinyl-wrapped PVC Art Pole™ already has a coating of lamination for fade resistance.

If you confirm independently through research about the viability of coating laminated vinyl/PVC with epoxy, that'd be your call to make!

The vibrancy of the artwork has an expected 5-year outdoor life depending on regional climate and sun exposure.

Not a single Art Pole™ has ever been returned for fading. 

Studio M Bird Baths are sold as shown, and the bowls cannot be swapped.

Fountainful provides both the Copper Plated Stainless Steel Water Bowl and the Stainless Steel Water Bowl for individual purchase if desired! View them here in our Accessories section.

Blue Thumb

The pump warranty is void with any modification to its cord. Cords will be 16-feet or more in length (check product description) with a standard 3-prong plug. Ideally it is NOT direct wired.

More often than not, a sluggish pump is the result of the intake component being clogged by leaves, rocks, frogs, snails, or mulch.

For help, open the Blue Thumb Pump Troubleshooting Guide.

No, we generally do not split up a complete kit on these fountains.

Please contact us to discuss options.

Do not operate the fountain in winter/freezing environments. Bring the water pump indoors for the winter months. But the stone itself can remain where it is outside. Read more guidance here.


Check out this video from Massarelli's covering all kinds of maintenance topics including pump cleaning!

Only fountains designated as "lighted" can properly feature the LED ring light included with its purchase. Tranquility series fountains are not molded for lighting integration into the sphere; however, you can always utilize submersible LED lights in the tiers to illuminate the feature that way!

The LED ring lights have a separate power cord from the pump and will activate when plugged in. While there is no on/off switch, the could be plugged into a timer if desired.