Buying Guide: Fountains & Water Features

Whether you've enjoyed water features for years or are looking for your very first fountain, be sure to review these 5 considerations.

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Indoor or Outdoor? Decide where your fountain will be most enjoyed. Think of the ways it can bring an element of rest & relaxation to working from home, kicking back in the yard, entertaining your guests, or enjoying meal time.

Leverage front-yard fountain placement to increase curb appeal, or make your fountain the destination on a garden path.


Durable material like cast stone makes a statement and can last a lifetime when properly maintained. Lightweight material like polyresin makes relocation and storage a breeze.


Your fountain will require access for occassional upkeep. Select a size appropriate for its desired location and your level of commitment for cleaning and maintenance.


Gentle cascade or roaring waterfall? Options abound for adding the right kind of sound to your space. When sound level is considered together with location, you may just find the perfect way to mask street noise or loud neighbors!

Pro Tip: check out our article 8 Best Loud Water Fountains for Noise Reduction for an in-depth look.


Individual style matters. Fountainful sources a wide selection of fountain styles to complement the decorative diversity of garden themes.

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