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Discover Campania Outdoor Wall Fountains

Often used to spruce up a boring wall or fence, wall fountains are typically designed with a central focal point and one flat side. As you'd expect, every cast stone concrete and GFRC wall fountain from Campania International is a handcrafted masterpiece.

There's a wall fountain for any decorative theme. From classic to contemporary, the collection caters to every style preference. Interested in a traditional wall fountain? Check out Campania's Lion Head Wall Fountain. For something more modern, there's the Echo Wall Fountain.

For a truly Mediterranean piece, consider a hanging concrete wall fountain like the Portico Hanging Wall Fountain.

Bird Bath Fountains for Feathered Friends

Create a haven for feathered friends with a Bird Bath Fountain. Campania International understands the importance of harmonizing your garden with nature. 

Bird bath fountains not only serve as captivating focal points but also provide a refreshing space for birds to frolic and bathe.

The Aya Bird Bath Fountain features a sculpted, perched bird, which may help attract local bird life.

The surface of the Andra Bird Bath Fountain resembles a flower with leaves which may help attract bird species to check it out.

Tiered Fountains for Classical Beauty

Tiered fountains epitomize timeless elegance, adding a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. These water features are characterized by their multi-layered design and create a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience.

Whether nestled in a quaint garden corner or commanding attention in a spacious courtyard, tiered fountains elevate the ambiance, creating a captivating outdoor retreat.

The Monteros 3-Tier Fountain is a stunning example of how commanding a tiered fountain can be. Contrast that with the San Pietro 2-Tier Fountain, a shorter example of fine tiered fountain craftsmanship.

Fountains with Pool for the Ultimate Conversation Piece

Referred to as plaza style fountains, estate fountains, or fountains with a pond or pool – you get the idea. Fountains with a pool stand as the epitome of classic European fountain design. These majestic water features portray a sense of grandeur that's reminiscent of iconic public squares across the continent.

Whether situated in a courtyard or gracing the entrance of an estate, these fountains captivate guests with their grand scale and nod to the enduring beauty of European fountain craftsmanship.

For a larger budget and space, the Caterina 2-Tier Fountain is sheer Italian elegance. And with its smaller footprint, the Esplanade Fountain is ideal for placement on a patio or small seating area.

Campania International Outdoor Garden Fountains

Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a cozy courtyard, Campania International offers fountains that complement any space. Elevate your outside space with a Campania outdoor water fountain – where artistry meets nature in American luxury garden décor. Browse our collection and bring nature closer to home. 

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