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Showing 1 - 24 of 106 products
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 Meadows Glow Concrete Fountain w/Lights - Massarellis #3501Meadows Glow Concrete Fountain w/Lights - Massarellis #3501
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Scallop 3-Tier Concrete Fountain - Massarellis #3446Scallop 3-Tier Concrete Fountain - Massarellis #3446
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This collection features tiered garden fountains from renowned American design studios including Massarelli, Giannini, and Campania.

One Tier Outdoor Garden Fountains

A one-tier fountain doesn't mean it's small! They often feature a beautiful figural sculpture and can be just as much of a conversation piece as their multi-tiered counterparts. Single tiered fountains generally produce gentle-to-moderate ambient sounds.

Popular One Tier Fountains

Girl & Boy Under Umbrella - Large

Girl & Boy Under Umbrella - Small

Girl Holding Jug 1-Tier

Two Tier Outdoor Garden Fountains

Fountains with two tiers generally produce a stronger ambient water sound than single tiered fountains. They can also be just as large as fountains with more tiers, like the Tuscania 2-Tier Fountain which stands nearly 7 feet tall!

Popular Two Tier Fountains

Murano 2-Tier

Girl Holding Jug 2-Tier

Richmond Hill 2-Tier

Three Tier Outdoor Garden Fountains

The most commonly purchased tiered fountains have three tiers. They generally produce moderate-to-strong ambient water sounds and have a commanding presence in a garden due to their size and stature.

Popular Three Tier Fountains

Scallop 3-Tier

Cascade 3-Tier

Longvue 3-Tier

Regina 3-Tier

Four-Tier Outdoor Garden Fountains

These fountains are majestic examples of fine concrete craftsmanship. Four tier fountains generally produce strong ambient water sounds and can be heard at a distance, even with moderate traffic.

Popular Four Tier Fountains

Tranquility Birds 4-Tier

Grand Chateau 4-Tier

Massarelli Large 4-Tier

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