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Featured Images (from left): Sitting Angel Fountainette / Cardinal Fountainette / Lighthouse Fountainette


Fountainettes are a style of garden fountains pioneered by Massarelli’s Fountains, a North American leader in concrete garden décor.

Smaller in size and surface area than traditional fountains, a fountainette makes an intriguing consideration whether you’re a first time water feature shopper, short on available outdoor space, or simply interested in a unique fountain style. 

Lightweight: Versatile Placement Options

Sitting Angel Concrete Fountainette by Massarellis

Weighing only 96 lbs., the Sitting Angel Concrete Fountainette by Massarelli's Fountains provides plenty of placement opportunities and easy relocation if you change your mind!


First time water feature owners may not immediately know the ideal location for their fountain. Even those with experience may need to relocate a fountain after initial placement depending on changes to landscape, patio setup, or garden layout. 

With a typical weight of around 100 pounds, fountainettes are light enough to easily relocate if you change your mind after initial placement. Since most cast stone concrete fountainettes from Massarelli’s are composed of 2-3 individual components, the relatively light weight of each individual piece makes relocation even easier. 

Consider the placement opportunities that give fountainettes a certain advantage over larger traditional fountains in hard-to-accessorize nooks and crannies:

  • Balconies (apartment, condo)
  • Deck Corners
  • Small Flower Beds
  • Small Rock Gardens
  • Fairy Gardens

Apartment & condo owners: this article from Hello Landing provides additional balcony design ideas, all of which can include integrating a fountainette. 

Small Surface Area: Easy Installation & Maintenance 

A fountainette’s size has additional benefits beyond lighter weight. From the installation process to its periodic upkeep, a fountainette provides an overall low-maintenance water feature experience:

  • The setup instructions for most Massarelli’s fountainettes are just a few simple steps
  • The tubing (included) requires less distance to cover than with larger fountains, and the authorized pump fits snugly into the fountainette pool.
  • Thanks to the low surface area of a fountainette, cleaning is a streamlined process and requires fewer pieces to disassemble and less cleaning supplies.


Pro tip: Fountainful sells replacement pumps, tubing, hardware, and LED light kits for all Massarelli’s fountains and fountainettes. If you have an older (or discontinued) model that’s in need of a refresh, let us know! We’ll verify the parts directly with the design team and draw up a custom order.

Meditative Water Sounds: A Bubbler Style Cascade

Lighthouse Concrete Fountainette by Massarelli's

The Lighthouse Concrete Fountainette by Massarelli's Fountains adds a nautical touch to a smaller outdoor space. Let the peaceful sounds of its cascading waters to transform the area into a space for personal relaxation. 


Fountainetters utilize a “bubbler” style cascade, meaning water bubbles up from the spout and cascades gently down all sides of the center decorative feature and into the pool. 

Producing a gentler sound level than traditional tiered, jetted, or waterfall style fountains, a fountainette helps create an environment well suited for reading, reflection, or just relaxing


Special feature: all Massarelli’s fountainettes include an LED light ring around the water spout! This creates an even greater relaxing ambience, especially after sunset. 

Bonus Feature: Tabletop Placement!

Cardinal Concrete Fountainette Parva by Massarelli's

The Cardinal Concrete Fountainette Parva by Massarelli's Fountains makes a perfect statement piece for an outdoor table. Featuring a lighted water spout, the fountainette weighs 37 lbs. and is just shy of 18" in height.


Within the line of Massarelli’s concrete fountainettes is an even smaller series called parva. Latin for “small,” the fountainette parvas weigh only 35-40 pounds and are approximately 1.5 feet tall. 

White fountainette parvas are still made from cast stone concrete, their lighter weight and more compact size make it possible to place on top of a table or other raised surface where a traditional fountain or fountainette could not be utilized. Of course, a fountainette parva can be placed on the ground, too, and could be ideal for a step or pathway.

Browse the concrete fountainette parvas available from Fountainful as of the date of this post:

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