Top 3 Waterfalls for Offices
Featured Image: Olympus Falls Mounted Water Wall, by Adagio Water Features


Imagine your client or patient nervously entering the office and being greeted by the soothing murmur of cascading water. Their eyes widen in surprise to take in a stunning display of art and nature. This is the power of indoor waterfalls for offices – engineered marvels that blend the serene flow of water with beautiful design elements. From the sleek elegance of modern glass to the rustic charm of natural stone and metal, these fountains can transform the environment of any indoor setting into one that promotes peace and calm.

In this article, we’ll unpack some of the known benefits of waterfalls for offices and provide a curated review of our top waterfalls for office spaces so you can reintroduce nature's tranquility into your work space, and put your clients and visiting colleagues at ease.

Why are water fountains good for offices?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Waterfalls for offices add a visually striking element to work spaces. They also serve as dynamic pieces of art that showcase an appreciation for nature. Their presence can transform mundane corporate environments into more inviting spaces and make a welcoming statement to clients, visitors, and colleagues.

  • Stress Reduction and Wellness: The sound and sight of flowing water are universally recognized for their calming effects. In stressful environments like offices, waterfalls can promote feelings of tranquility and relaxation. This can improve focus and productivity among employees and be especially beneficial for clients visiting a wellness provider.

  • Improved Air Quality: Waterfalls for offices act as natural humidifiers, adding moisture to the air, which can be particularly beneficial in dry, air-conditioned environments. They also help to filter and purify the air by attracting dust particles and other airborne pollutants, for a healthier indoor atmosphere.

  • Branding and Customization: Best of all, indoor waterfalls for offices offer unique branding opportunities for businesses. They can be customized with a company’s logo, colors, or other design elements that reinforce brand identity. This customization makes them a popular choice for corporate lobbies, reception areas, and meeting spaces.

  • Noise Masking: The gentle sound of cascading water can mask background noise in busy commercial settings, such as conversation, foot traffic, or the hum of machinery. This white noise effect can create a more focused and productive environment by reducing distractions.

  • Versatility and Space Efficiency: Indoor waterfalls for offices can be designed to fit various spaces, from expansive corporate lobbies to smaller offices or commercial units. The available vertical and horizontal orientation options make a significant visual impact without occupying a ton of floor or wall space.

  • Positive First Impression: In commercial settings like spas, hotels, and retail spaces, indoor waterfall walls and fountains create positive and lasting first impressions on customers and guests.

Best Waterfalls for Offices

Waterfalls for offices also enrich the environment with oxygen-laden negative ions, which are known to enhance energy levels, foster better sleep patterns, and elevate the general mood of those within the space.n

Check out our top three waterfalls for offices below. There are a variety of styles and sizes available to fit any space or style preference.

1. A Grand
Entryway Indoor Waterfall Wall Idea: Grandeur River Fountain

Grandeur River Waterfall Fountain by Adagio Water Features

For those looking to “go big or go home,” the Grandeur River Fountain by Adagio Water Features will transform any indoor space with elegance and the tranquility of soothing water sounds. This large waterfall for offices or foyers is a masterpiece with a visually stunning design that will enhance the ambiance of lobbies, living rooms, or corporate offices. With options for natural quarried stone or glass, complemented by beautifully finished metal trims, it brings a piece of nature indoors, and creates a striking visual focal point.

The Grandeur River Fountain can be flush-mounted against the wall or center-mounted for two-sided viewing (in glass options only). Those interested in making the grandest statement possible, should check out the Mega Grandeur River Fouintain (a larger version for more expansive spaces).


  • Offers flexibility with flush-mounted or center-mounted options for two-sided viewing (glass only)
  • Largest and most impressive waterfall for office model on this list


  • The substantial size and weight will require careful installation and a significant amount of space
  • The initial investment might be higher compared to smaller indoor fountains


Type: Indoor/Outdoor Wall - Freestanding - Flush Mounted or Centered within the base for 2-Sided Viewing (Glass Only)

Materials: Available in real stone or glass surfaces with metal trims

Dimensions: 60"W x 96"H x 14"D

Weight: 400 lbs

2. Small Waterfall for Office:
Serene Waters Mounted Water Wall Fountain

Serene Waters Waterfall Fountain by Adagio Water Features

The Serene Waters Waterfall for office spaces by Adagio Water is a lovely little piece that can bring the sounds of nature back into your home or office. The water landing on the pebbles below creates a peaceful auditory experience,  and it can be customized to match a variety of color schemes and styles. Many customers take us up on the opportunity to personalize this office waterfall by adding a company logo or custom designs. It also has integrated LED lighting.

Those interested in larger pieces should check out the Pacifica Waters Water Wall Fountain (a larger version) or the Calming Waters Water Wall Fountain (larger and horizontally mounted).


Type: Indoor/Outdoor Wall-Mounted, Fully Framed

Material: 15 Metal Trim Finish options and 20 natural stone faces

Dimensions: 21"W x 36"H x 6.5"D

Hanging Weights: Mirror Surface 30 lbs, FeatherStone 25 lbs


  • Smaller dimensions allow it to fit in a variety of spaces
  • Most affordable waterfall for offices on this list


  • Limited to wall mounting; may not suit all space layouts
  • Some may prefer a larger waterfall for their office or lobby space

3. Harmony River Fountain

Harmony River Waterfall Fountain by Adagio Water Features

The Harmony River Fountain by Adagio Water Features is a standing waterfall for offices and lobbies that merges the serene beauty of cascading water with sophisticated designs in natural quarried stone or glass. Its stylistic versatility is showcased with a range of stone finishes like volcanic pumice or black spider marble, three glass colors, or even a mirror finish.

The Harmony Waterfall for Offices series also includes the larger Tranquil River Fountain and the smaller Bantam River Fountain, offering options for different spaces and preferences. 


  • Available in flush-mounted or center-mounted (glass only) options for two-way viewing
  • Offers a wide range of natural stone or glass options, ensuring a match for any decor


  • Its dimensions may demand a significant amount of wall space, making it less suitable for smaller rooms
  • As a premium feature, the initial investment may be higher than other options


Q: Where should a water feature be placed in an office?

A water feature in an office should be placed in a location where it can be easily seen and enjoyed by employees and visitors, without obstructing traffic flow. Ideal locations include the reception area, common spaces like lounges or break rooms, or in a central courtyard if available. Many people like to place smaller wall mounted waterfalls for offices near their desks. Ensure the water feature is not placed directly under strong light sources that could cause excessive algae growth or near equipment sensitive to moisture.

Q: Is an indoor water fountain good for home?

A: Yes, an indoor water fountain is beneficial for any indoor space where you spend your time. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and the sound of flowing water can reduce stress, promote relaxation, and improve focus. Additionally, indoor water fountains act as natural humidifiers, improving air quality.

Q: What are the benefits of indoor water fountains?

A: Indoor water fountains offer several benefits including stress reduction and relaxation, improved air quality, negative ion generation (which are believed to improve mood, energy levels, and overall well-being), aesthetic appeal, feng shui benefits, and ambient sound (ideal for studying, meditation, or relaxation).

Q: Which direction should a water fountain face?

Consider facing the water fountain toward the entrance of a room or building so it serves as the focal point for the visitor’s first impression. However, avoid placing a fountain directly behind the main entrance door. 


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