Beautiful Memorial Benches for Gardens
Featured Image: The Neo Classic Garden Bench, by Campania


In moments of loss and remembrance, memorial benches for your garden can offer a space to find solace and reflection and provide a quiet place to reflect on those who are no longer with us. As you seek to honor your loved one in a meaningful way, this article serves to guide you by sharing a selection of outdoor décor features that are appropriate for memorial settings including memorial benches for gardens, memorial bird baths, and memorial fountains. 

We understand the importance of creating a peaceful space to revisit cherished memories, and we're here to help you select the perfect tribute.

Memorial Benches with Plaques

Memorial benches can provide solace and stand as a testament to memories that help comfort those in grief. Many people who purchase memorial benches for their gardens choose to affix a plaque in order to showcase names, personal sentiments, significant dates, or even favorite quotes. Whether intended to be functional and sat on, or left as merely an ornamental accent, a garden bench can be a fitting tribute to a lost loved one. 

All Star Bronze offers a selection of high-quality plaques to encapsulate the essence of a loved one in words that will withstand the test of time. All of the concrete benches available at can have a plaque affixed to either the seat or the backrest – always ask for an adhesive back, NOT screws!

The Classic Curved Garden Bench: A Timeless Tribute

Classic Curved Concrete Garden Bench by Massarelli


The Classic Curved Garden Bench from Massarelli Fountains is the most often selected bench among our customers seeking a heartfelt memorial bench for their garden. Handcrafted with care from durable cast stone concrete, this bench will serve as a sturdy and permanent fixture that can withstand the weather of all seasons. The bench's overall design is versatile enough to fit harmoniously into many decorative themes in a garden, courtyard, or entryway. It is available in many different finishes as well as natural, so it's easy to find the right shade for any space.

The Classic Curved Garden Bench has been chosen for significant memorials, including by the federal government to honor agents who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. 

Other Beautiful Memorial Benches

Large Bois Garden Bench

Large Bois Concrete Garden Bench by Campania International

The artisans at Campania celebrate the time honored tradition of creating wood-like objects out of materials like concrete. This bench has a large surface area and a very natural look when ordered in Brownstone.

Anduze Garden Bench

Anduze Concrete Garden Bench by Giannini

The Anduze Bench by Giannini features a large backrest, providing an additional placement option for a commemorative plaque. 

Beyond Benches: Bird Baths and Fountains in Memorial Gardens

While memorial benches for gardens provide a place to rest and remember, memorial bird baths or fountains can add an element of tranquility to these designated reflective spaces. Many people find that the gentle ambient sounds of water or the sight of wildlife can bring comfort and a sense of continuity amidst loss.

For these options, a ground-mounted plaque can be considered. 


Woodscape Double Memorial Bird Bath

Woodscape Double Concrete Bird Bath by Massarelli

The Woodscape Double Concrete Bird Bath has a tender depiction of a mother bird and her young. This bird bath is thoughtfully crafted from durable cast stone concrete, available in twenty color finishes, and weighs about 145 pounds.

Each piece is unique and handcrafted in the USA, ensuring that your tribute is as special as the memories it honors. The Woodscape Double Bird Bath was notably chosen as a tribute to a cherished club manager and pleased within the golf course memorial garden.

Cirrus Memorial Birdbath Fountain

    Cirrus Birdbath Fountain by Campania International

    Featuring an abundance of cirrus cloud reliefs sculpted onto its surface, the Cirrus Birdbath Fountain by Campania is the best of both worlds. It provides birds with a shallow platform to use to bathe and drink, while also producing gentle ambient sounds of bubbling water thanks to its centrally mounted copper water spout. 

    Garden Eternal Loop Memorial Fountain

      Garden Eternal Loop Concrete Fountain by Massarelli

      The Garden Eternal Loop Fountain by Massarelli's Fountains, with its elegantly carved infinity loop and central lighted water spout, makes a fitting centerpiece for memorial gardens. Its continuous flow of water creates a soothing backdrop for contemplation and remembrance. 

      This 243 pound fountain, crafted from durable cast stone concrete, is available in a range of finishes. It can be personalized to suit any memorial garden's décor. Each fountain is handcrafted in the USA, ensuring a one of a kind tribute.

      Aurelia Memorial Fountain

        Aurelia Concrete Fountain by Campania International

        With iis 16” square pedestal, the Aurelia Fountain by Campania provides ample room for the right sized memorial plaque. The bubbling copper water spout produces gentle ambient sounds of trickling water, ideal for a nook, corner, or quiet place designated as a memorial garden. 

        Memorial Stones: Garden Greetings by Massarelli's

        Forever Remembered Concrete Garden Stone

        Garden Greetings are decorative concrete stones featuring an inscription across their surface. Smaller than stepping stones, these are intended to be decorative accents rather than functional stepping stones. 

        A Garden Greeting can be the perfect addition to a memorial garden or placed alongside a fountain or birdbath that has been dedicated as a remembrance piece.

        Fountainful’s Outdoor Memorial Benches for Garden

        Features like memorial benches for gardens, bird baths, and fountains can remind us of the happy times we shared with loved ones.  If you’re seeking a tribute with which to honor someone, there are many more garden features to choose from at We are on standby to guide you through the selection process during this difficult time and answer any additional questions you might have at 214-901-7275.


        How much does it cost for a memorial bench?

        The cost of a memorial bench varies based on material, design, and complexity of the build. Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It's best to consult with us directly for specific pricing, especially if you're considering additional features like personalized plaques. To discuss Fountainful’s selection of memorial benches for gardens give us a call at 214-901-7275.

        Is it OK to sit on a memorial bench?

        Yes, it's perfectly fine to sit on a garden memorial bench. These benches are built to be used. They invite visitors to pause and remember the individual or event commemorated by the bench. Likewise, they can also be designated solely as ornamental pieces. 

        How do I get a memorial bench for a loved one?

        To get a garden memorial bench, you can start by perusing our collection of garden benches available on our website at, or contact one of our team members. They can guide you through the selection of style and material, and explain the purchase and delivery process. For personalized inscriptions or plaques, visit All Star Bronze to design a custom inscription and always order a plaque with an adhesive back (not screws). You'll also need to decide on the location and obtain any necessary permissions if the bench is to be placed in a public space.

        How long do memorial benches last?

        The longevity of a garden memorial bench depends on the material and maintenance. Benches made from durable materials like high-grade cast stone concrete can last for decades if properly maintained. Regular cleaning and protection from harsh weather conditions can extend the life of the bench.

        What is the best material for a memorial bench?

        The best material for a memorial bench depends on durability, maintenance, and aesthetic preference. Cast stone concrete is popular for its strength and ability to withstand the elements, making it a long-lasting choice. Real stone options like basalt and onyx will also stand the test of time and age gracefully in their environment. 

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