Steel Fire Pits: A Lifetime of Memories with Family & Friends
Featured Image: "Bella Vita" Wood Burning Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art


Adding an American made steel fire pit to your outdoor space is a fantastic choice for enhancing the fun and functionality of your patio, deck, backyard, and more. The quality of American steel fire pits is exceptional, making them lifetime pieces often passed down to the next generation

A fire pit becomes a natural gathering place on cool evenings spent with friends and family. It can facilitate singalongs and conversation, yet is equally fitting to be enjoyed in private reflection, with only the sound of cracking firewood in the air. 

As a focal point in outdoor décor, a fit pit’s material is of prime importance. This blog post explores the numerous benefits of why American made steel fire pits can be the winning choice for your home

Wood Burning & Gas: The Versatility of Steel Fire Pits

Emperor Steel Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

The design of the "Emperor" fire pit pays homage to old world luxury. 


The Fire Pit Collection from Fountainful features beautiful carbon steel and stainless steel creations from the team at Fire Pit Art in both wood burning and liquid propane / natural gas varieties. 

Design and style choices abound, from something low-profile and subtle like the Crater Fire Pit, to the commanding presence of Africa’s Big Five Fire Pit

Regardless of your preferred fuel type, a steel fire pit is highly adaptable to its surroundings. Place it anywhere deemed safe enough for burning and always use the same care as you would with any open fire. Never use a fire pit in an enclosed space including a camper, tent, house, or vehicle.  If you want extra protection for the surface on which you place the pit, consider a Limestone Fire Pit Base quarried from the mountains of Tennessee.  

Looking to travel with your fire pit? At only 40 pounds of weight, the Fire Surfer Fire Pit is a perfectly portable model – take it with you and be the hit at any beach or house party.


Pro Tip: do not tarp a fire pit, as the tarp can cause the patina to blacken and stop the oxidation process. In many cases, the color of the tarp will transfer to the new steel. A canvas cover is best!

Fire Pit Art Colors for Gas Fire Pits

When a gas model is selected, your steel fire pit can be additionally finished in a color powder coating. 

➤ Customization. Because gas fire pits do not get as hot as wood burning units, the steel can be powder coated with a color finish from the available palette to make your pit even more unique.

As of this posting, gas fire pits from Fountainful can be ordered in:

  • Iron Oxide Patina
  • Bronze
  • Mojave
  • Silverado
  • Speckled Oak
  • Textured Black

Weather Resistant Materials: The Durability of Steel Fire Pits

Asia Steel Fire Pits by Fire Pit Art

The "Asia Series" of fire pits is inspired by traditional cooking woks. With their low profile and large breadth, every viewing angle is the best!


The longevity of any outdoor accent piece is often determined by its ability to withstand the elements of weather. Both carbon steel and 304 stainless steel – the material of which all fire pits sold by Fountainful are made – are naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, providing a lifetime of use if well maintained. 

The ability to keep a steel fire pit outdoors year round provides the additional benefit of not having to make room for it in the garage or shed. 

The steel used for the pits in our collection is an impressive ¼ inch thick – giving them a high density that’s resistant to abrasion and able to retain its form for an incredible length of time (i.e., a lifetime of use!)

Carbon Steel Fire PIt

USA made carbon steel and stainless steel fire pits are built to last a lifetime. Fountainful's Fire Pit Collection features Fire Pit Art creations with 1/4" thick carbon steel construction.


Steel is lightweight and requires only occasional cleaning. Place your steel fire pit where it will be most enjoyed, and take comfort knowing you won't have to move it indoors at the end of the season.

Low Maintenance: The Easy Upkeep of Steel Fire Pits 

Fleur de Lis Steel Fire Pit by Fire Pit ARt

This "Fleur de Lis" fire pit sits in a designated family gathering place on the side of the customer's house. 


Steel fire pits are less demanding than other materials in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Compared to cast iron or clay, a steel fire pit will not warp, crack, or degrade nearly as quickly due to their weather-resistant properties already discussed. Their ability to retain (and radiate) heat at high temperatures also significantly reduces upkeep and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Tips for Cleaning a Steel Fire Pit:

  • Remove ashes and debris after each use
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth

That’s it!

The smooth surface of steel means that soot and residue can’t easily stick to it, making the wipedown step much less time consuming compared to materials like stone or concrete that are more porous.

➤ Gas Pit Safety Note: With a gas-fueled fire pit, ensure that water does not get into the burner components as this can cause the build-up of dangerous pressure. If you think there’s water in the burner components, call a licensed technician for inspection prior to the pit’s next use

Quiet Luxury: The Rustic Elegance of Steel Fire Pits

Manta Ray Steel Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

The "Manta Ray" fire pit is photographed here at the edge of the customer's backyard lake.

Whether used as the focal point of your landscape or a complementary accent piece, a steel fire pit epitomizes the “quiet luxury” design movement. Each steel pit from Fountainful is built to heirloom-quality specs by the skilled metalsmiths at Fire Pit Art.

A steel fire pit is at home in any decorative theme: modern, rustic, chic, farmhouse, ranch, seaside, and more. 

Check out just a sample of incredible designs from the collection:

A steel fire pit will age beautifully. The aging process is further enhanced with a fire pit finished in the Iron Oxide Patina from Fire Pit Art. During the first fire, the natural orangish finish of the iron oxide will begin to darken into a rich mahogany. This maturing process will continue with use and the pit will preserve this darker look for the remainder of its lifetime. 

Third Rock Steel Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art

 A "Third Rock" fire pit beautifully displaying the natural darkening process of the iron oxide patina finish that will remain a deep mahogany. 


Elevate Family Time with a Steel Fire Pit from Fountainful 

 Steel Fire Pits for Family Time

Start creating cherished memories today with a pit from Fountainful's Fire Pit Collection. We'd be honored to assist with your selection.


As we’ve seen, steel fire pits offer measurable benefits over other materials and will last a lifetime if well maintained. Our diverse collection of fire pits from the team at Fire Pit Art features an abundance of design and style options to help you find the perfect piece for your outdoor space. 

Consider all the ways that a fire pit can enhance family bonding and create memorable experiences.  Here are just a few:

  • Digital Detox. Disconnect from the digital and reconnect individually. 
  • Stargazing. Extend your time outdoors on cool evenings and appreciate the night sky.
  • Outdoor Entertainment. Place the fire pit as a gathering spot for cooking, storytelling, singing, and more. 
  • Teaching. Leverage a fire pit to teach children skills in fire safety, cooking, and outdoor etiquette. 
  • Relax. Take in the changing seasons next to the warmth of a fire pit and make time to destress. 

Check out our Fire Pit Collection today and bring nature that much closer to home. 

Questions about fire pits? We’re here to help! Contact us


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