massarelli's classic curved concrete garden bench on a pathway
Featured Image: Classic Curved Concrete Garden Bench by Massarelli's


Adding a concrete or real stone garden bench to your outdoor space can offer several benefits and increase both the overall aesthetic and functionality of your garden, deck, courtyard, or patio. 

An outdoor space – with its inherent ability to encourage relaxation – is a major contributor to promoting mental health and wellbeing. In this article we’ll talk about the specific benefits of adding a garden bench to your space, and how it may even increase the enjoyment and usage of your garden.  

Read to learn more about how a garden bench can:

  • Improve the overall aesthetic of your space;
  • Provide a dedicated, comfortable spot for observing nature;
  • Facilitate social gatherings; and,
  • Promote mental health and wellbeing. 


#1 Enhance Your Garden’s Visual Aesthetic with a Bench

Red Onyx Garden Bench by Blue Thumb

The Red Onyx Garden Bench by Blue Thumb adds a beautifully natural, hand-hewn stone accent piece to any space. 


Decorative Versatility

Let your garden reflect your personality with a garden bench that screams your style. A garden bench can be the focal point of its space or a subtle accent piece. Given the wide variety of designs, sizes, materials, and finishes, a garden bench may in fact be the most versatile decorative element in your outdoor space. 

Whether your garden is modern, rustic, farmhouse, cottage, or another cherished theme, the perfect design is out there. 

Just look at the diversity of Fountainful’s Garden Bench Collection – and these are but a few examples!


Even when not in use, a garden bench can create an inviting atmosphere. Further enhance its aesthetics by adding decorative cushions, pillows, or even potted plants, making it an attractive focal point in your garden.

Space Saving

Does it sound counterintuitive that adding a garden bench can ultimately save space? Hear us out: a garden bench with a seat long enough for 3 people to sit and enjoy a conversation will take up less physical space than 3 lawn or deck chairs. A single piece of furniture will also be less visually obtrusive than 3 separate pieces. 

Durability and Stability 

With concrete and real stone garden benches in particular, it’s hard to ignore their generational quality. When treated well and properly maintained (and especially when designated as a decorative piece), the bench may very well become a piece of furniture to be handed off to the next generation in the family. 

Given their weight, concrete and real stone garden benches are also incredibly resilient against tipping from the wind or wildlife.

#2 Sit in Comfort While Observing Nature

Moderna Concrete Garden Bench by Giannini

The tall backrest on the Moderna Concrete Garden Bench by Giannini lets you relax in your garden in total comfort. 


With or without cushions, a garden bench can be the ideal place of comfort from which to take in nature’s surroundings. Admire the unique flowers, wildlife, sounds and activity that make your outdoor space special to you.

Want to multitask from your bench?

  • Take a cup of coffee or a snack.
  • Read a book.
  • Write in a journal
  • Bird watch.
  • Plan future landscaping projects. 
  • Most importantly, just take time away from your daily routine!


Reconnect with the outdoors and experience the changing seasons from the comfort of your own garden bench. 

➤  Pro Tip: Strategically placing a bench so that it faces your garden allows you the opportunity to sit back and appreciate all of your landscaping efforts.

#3 Facilitate Social Gathering & Interaction

Gryphi Concrete Garden Bench by Giannini

With a seat spanning 6.25 feet in length, the Gryphi Concrete Garden Bench by Giannini provides ample room for 2-3 people to enjoy conversation together. 


Placing a garden bench in your space instantly creates a designated seating area where you can entertain and interact with guests, friends, or family members.

Accommodate larger groups by strategically placing multiple garden benches together to function as the social focal point for your gatherings. Their presence in your garden allows you to host outdoor parties, barbecues, or casual get-togethers with a natural conversation area for guests to gather at.

Adding cushions or throw pillows only increases the appeal of a bench, and makes it a cozy and obvious place for attendees of your party to kick back and relax.  

#4 Promote Health & Wellbeing

Timber Concrete Garden Bench by Massarelli's

The Timber Concrete Garden Bench by Massarelli's will be right at home in a rustic garden. With this level of craftsmanship, your friends just might mistake the concrete for fresh timber.


The positive effects of spending time in nature are well documented from an abundance of resources, including in this excellent article by the American Psychological Association.

Let’s explore how a garden bench can further encourage this interaction with nature and benefit our overall well being. . 

A Place to Manage Stress

Sitting outside on your garden bench, regardless of the time of year, immerses you in nature and can be a much-needed escape from modern day life. Put the craziness of the daily grind in check while absorbing the tranquil atmosphere of your garden. Make a routine of destressing on  your garden bench and let nature prove itself in combating stress and anxiety.

Increase Vitamin D Intake

Low circulating levels of Vitamin D in a person’s blood can be a link to depression (see: Healthline). The hormone is also essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and strong bones, and it aids in disease prevention. Sitting outside even on the dullest of days can increase your Vitamin D intake, making it one of the easiest ways to improve overall well being. 

Strengthen Eyesight

Get away from glaring computer and TV screens by designating a favorite spot outdoors on your garden bench. By focusing your eyes on a wider landscape, you’ll be able to combat nearsightedness that develops when too much time is spent in front of a screen. You’ll probably see more interesting things in your own yard than on a smartphone anyways!

Breathe More Deeply

Breathing in fresh air oxygenates the body and increases blood circulation, which is a plus for our organs, especially the heart. Let your garden bench be a place where you can relax and take deep breaths. 

Get Into A Rhythm With Natural Light

Overexposure to artificial lighting can alter your body’s internal clock and disturb your natural sleeping patterns. Getting an abundance of natural light during daytime hours will contribute to a better night’s sleep

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Garden Bench from Fountainful 

Horned Toad Concrete Garden Bench by Phoenix Precast

Realism or whimsy? Maybe both! The Horned Toad Garden Bench by Phoenix Precast is a wonder to behold. Available in either cast stone concrete or the ultra premium Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. 


Our rich collection of garden benches features diverse creations from the design teams at Giannini Garden Ornaments, Massarelli, Blue Thumb, and Phoenix Precast. There is bound to be the perfect piece for your space. 

When thoughtfully placed in a garden or on a deck, patio, gazebo, or courtyard, a garden bench can be a decorative focal point or the perfect invitation to step outdoors and relax. 

Browse our complete Garden Bench Collection today and bring nature that much closer to home. 

Questions about garden benches? We’re here to help! Contact us.

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