massarelli bears wildlife water fountain for home and garden
Featured Image: Bears Wildlife Concrete Fountain, in Massarelli's Designer Stain finish. 


When choosing the best fountain or bird bath for an outdoor space, the color selection can be the most enjoyable part of the process. And with a Massarelli’s concrete fountain or bird bath, it's the cherry on top of the entire shopping experience.

From warm earthy and antique tones, to classic bronzes, to stately shades of stone, every Massarelli’s product is finished by hand and a testament to their 50+ year success.

“Designer Stain” takes the hand painted finish to a new level and is the ultimate expression of painted concrete craftsmanship.

Continue reading for a guide to two Designer Stain themes. 

➤ Note: while Fountainful brands this upgrade as “Designer Stain," the technical specification used by Massarelli’s is "Detailed Stain."

A Lifelike Finish with Designer Stain

Cardinal Fountainette Parva

The Cardinal Concrete Fountainette features a beautifully sculpted cardinal painted in lifelike hues. 

From the papery, tree bark-like appearance of the Birchwood Bird Bath to the stunning realism of the Sunflower Bird Bath, “lifelikeness” is one of the themes of Designer Stain. Many of these options fit well in a farmhouse or rustic landscape theme (ref. Home & Gardens Country).

We’ll let the product photos speak for themselves:

“Lifelike” Massarelli’s Fountain & Bird Bath Examples

A Whimsical Finish with Designer Stain

Owl Bird Bath 

The Owl Concrete Bird Bath incorporates a fun and offbeat color palette. 

If realism isn’t your preference, there are other Designer Stain options that are just plain fun. Featuring vibrant colors and fantastical scenes, these fountains and bird baths will add a touch of whimsical charm to any outdoor space.

Here are some of our favorites:

“Whimsical” Massarelli’s Fountain & Bird Bath Examples

Fountainful is Your Source for Massarelli’s Complete Color Palette

Birchwood Concrete Bird Bath

The stunningly realistic Birchwood Concrete Bird Bath is a true example of painted concrete craftsmanship.

With a Massarelli’s fountain or bird bath, you’re already getting a product  that is passionately built by a team of sculptors, mold-makers, and artists. Designer Stain elevates the selection even more by offering originality. 

As an authorized retailer for Massarelli’s, Fountainful offers Designer Stain on applicable fountains and bird baths, along with Massarelli’s complete standard color palette.  

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