massarelli frogs spitter style water fountain in a garden
Featured Image: Leaf & Frog Spitter Style Fountain, by Massarelli's 


Self-care has been a popular and trending concept for years – as it should be. Maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is important in the context of hectic schedules and busy days. 

Water features can play an integral role in creating an outdoor space that promotes relaxation. After all, the sounds of nature have been proven to help reduce stress and boost positive moods

Choosing your first water feature doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read on for easy guidance to keep in mind as you make your selection. 

Tip #1: A Lightweight Fountain Provides Versatility

Gaetana 2-Tier Fountain by Giannini

"Gaetana" by Giannini weighs just 200 lbs., a manageable weight for first-time fountain owners. Easier setup and relocation potential. 

From initial setup to potential relocation down the road, a fountain’s weight may play an important role in your selection process – especially if it’s your first water feature. 

When asked about an ideal size fountain for first-time ownership, Fountainful recommends aiming for a total weight of +/- 200 pounds. A fountain in this weight range means that each individual tier and component will likely weigh 100 pounds or less.  

New fountain owners may change their mind about the fountain's location shortly after setup 😊, and a lightweight fountain make relocation easier to facilitate. 

Ideas for Lightweight Fountains

Tip #2: Select a 1-Tier Fountain for Easier Maintenance

Lion Head Finial Fountain by Massarellis

"Lion Head Finial" by Massarelli's is a single tier, spitter-style fountain with a low surface area for cleaning and upkeep.

Concerned about the effort required to keep the water and fountain surface clean? Opt for a 1-Tier or Spitter Style fountain. 

Fountains with one tier or a compact, spitter style design will limit the surface area requiring cleaning to a more manageable size.

If cleaning and maintenance are concerns, avoid 2- and 3- tiered fountains, as these will require a bit more effort and attention to maintain in a pristine condition. 

Ideas for Spitter Style and 1-Tier Fountains

Tip # 3: Water Bowls Are “Pump-less” Fountains

 Sedona Planter & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

"Sedona" Concrete Planter & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus requires only a water line – no pump. Easy maintenance for a vibrant water feature. 

Maybe the notion of setting up a water pump and the tubing and hardware is what intimidates you?  If so, behold the water bowls!

Rather than operating with an electric, recirculating water pump, bowls simply connect to a dedicated water line and serve as the vessel through which the water flows. 

Note: a pool, pond, or other water feature is generally required (the bowls need a water source to spill into). 

Ideas for Water Bowls

Pro Tip: Hire a pool installer or outdoor contractor if you want assistance installing a water bowl. An upgrade from water bowls are Fire & Water Bowls. These are often regarded as the ultimate pool & patio accents, and Fountainful strongly recommends hiring a professional installer for these.

Hand Built, USA-Made Water Features for First Time Buyers

The presence of a water feature and its calming ambient sounds improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

Fountainful’s primary mission is to help our customers bring nature closer to home – and this can be accomplished for YOUR outdoor space, regardless of your experience level with fountains. 

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