massarelli petite concrete garden fountain with water flowing
Featured Image: Petite Garden Concrete Fountain, by Massarelli's 


A small garden or outdoor space has plenty of options for integrating a water feature and enjoying its benefits: the sound of falling water promotes relaxation and provides an auditory escape from the outside world. 

An article published last year by Better Homes & Gardens remains an excellent source of inspiration for additional small garden ideas

No space is too small to benefit from the advantages of a water feature. Read on to learn more. 

Small Footprint = Easier Fountain Placement

Bamboo Spill Style Fountain

"Bamboo Spill Style" by Massarelli's Fountains

The most obvious consideration for integrating a water fountain into a small garden space is the fountain's size. More specifically: its footprint.

A footprint is the dimension of the fountain component that comes into contact with the ground. This is most often the pedestal/base. If requiring a foundation for stability, use the fondation dimensions as the total footprint. 

Fountain Suggestions for a Small Footprint


Pro Tip. Sometimes, a fountain with a wide footprint can work if its overall stature is petite. These types of fountains are ideal to use in a flower bed or along a pathway. Example: Lido Butterfly Concrete Fountain

Narrow Fountain Style = No Overbearing Presence

Fleur de Lis Fountain

"Fleur de Lis" by Giannini Fountains

When shopping for a fountain for a small garden space, consider the overall presence the water feature will have once placed in its final location. 

With tiered fountains especially, note that a tier/bowl could be significantly wider than its footprint. Take careful measurements of the space you have in mind for the fountain, and be sure to account for “elbow room” and the ability to get around the water feature if you’re entertaining guests. 

Fountain Suggestions for a Narrow Style

Consider a Fountain with a Subsurface Basin

Blue Limestone Sphere Fountain

"Blue Limestone Sphere" by Blue Thumb

A subsurface basin fountain contains most of its components – you guessed it – underground. While basin dimensions can get up to 4+ feet in diameter, there are numerous 36” options with beautiful water features.

The visible water feature itself is above ground and usually surrounded by landscaping pebbles. Water bubbles up from the feature and cascades down through the pebbles and grating into the pool for recirculation. 

Fountain Suggestions for a Subsurface Basin

Hand Built, USA-Made Fountains for Small Gardens

A water feature adds an element of peace and tranquility to any outdoor space. Fountainful’s primary mission is to help our customers bring nature closer to home – and we're confident this can be accomplished for YOUR garden, regardless of size. 

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