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Top Benefits of Installing a Poolside Water Bowl

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Researchers aren't 100% sure why people find the sound of running water relaxing. Some believe that falling water guides human neuronal waves, resulting in a calming effect. 

Of course, it's not as important to know why running water feels relaxing. The key takeaway is that flowing water is relaxing. Use this knowledge to take advantage of that fact.

Consider getting a poolside Water Bowl. The ambient sounds can help take the edge off a stressful day – and this isn’t the only benefit of these water features. 

Read on to learn more. 

#1 Resort-Style Patio Ambiance

Transform your outdoor space into the place to be.

Do you like entertaining guests on the patio? If so, the sound of water falling into your pool, pond, or other water feature goes a long way to creating a relaxing and peaceful vibe. When your guests experience the environment created by these sounds, your get-togethers are sure to be more enjoyable.  

Maya Fire & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

"Maya" Copper Fire & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

Fire & Water Bowls 

If you entertain at night, consider a Fire & Water Bowl. They provide a charming glow (and warmth) of a fire in addition to the ambient water sounds. Your guests will love it! Fire & Water Bowls sold by Fountainful can be ordered for either a natural gas or liquid propane fuel source. 

#2 Add Motion and Life 

Do you know what else can improve wellbeing? Nature! Experts have linked exposure to nature to better mental health

There's a popular water bowl style that integrates a natural feature. 

Sedona Planter & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

 "Sedona" Concrete Planter & Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

Planter & Water Bowls

A planter & water bowl is designed to hold soil and foliage in addition to its water performance. With soil capacity in some bowls of 3+ cubic feet, these water features allow the plants to be positioned on top of the water flow. 

For obvious reasons, fire elements are not part of the design on these bowls 😊.

#3 Easy to Install 

If you already have a dedicated water line in place pre-purchase, the Water Bowls and Planter & Water Bowls could likely be installed same-day by following the included instructions.  

Fountainful and The Outdoor Plus recommend that Fire & Water Bowls be installed by a qualified installer, service agency, or the gas supplier, given the intricacies involved. 

Caution: Glass media can be dangerous with liquid propane. Propane is 1.5x heavier than air, and the denseness of decorative glass may cause propane to pool underneath and create a potentially dangerous situation. If using a liquid propane Fire & Water Bowl, stick with lava rocks.

#4 Complement Your Décor 

Bowls handcrafted by The Outdoor Plus and sold by Fountainful come in a diverse mix of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. 

You're sure to find a bowl that perfectly fits within your decorative theme.   

Cazo Concrete Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

 "Cazo" Concrete Water Bowl by The Outdoor Plus

From Rustic to Modern

Do you have a contemporary home? Try a water feature like the Maya Wide Gravity Spill Fire & Water Bowl with its sleek, stainless steel construction. Looking for a farmhouse-style water feature? Consider a traditional shaped bowl like Sedona, finished in a premium wood grain like the Sedona Wood Grain Water Bowl

Shop Beautifully Handcrafted Water Bowls  

Water bowl features can elevate your pool and patio space into the yard of your dreams for entertaining. All bowls sold by Fountainful are individually made in the USA from high-strength materials including Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and real copper.

Bowl water features can be found within our Pool & Patio Collection

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