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Using the latest innovative techniques, the skilled craftsmen at GIST Concrete Products create modern water feature masterpieces using high-strength, durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Read on for a closer look at the ultra-modern outdoor garden fountains from GIST. Popular with both residential and commercial customers, GIST fountains are recognizable by a striking  palette of colors – including their trademark accent streaks – and exceptional quality.

Hand molded. Hand painted. 

Ball with Ring Base Fountain by GIST

Do you see the drip-effect accent streaks on the sides? The Ball & Ring Base Fountain displays the incredible talent of the design studio's mold makers, concrete craftsmen, and artists. 


Each GIST fountain is handbuilt by a team of mold-makers, concrete craftsmen and artisans who build each piece with the same level of passion and attention to detail. If there’s a chance that even an uncontrollable variable like the local humidity level will impact the final color stain and seal applications, they’ll wait out the weather until ideal conditions are present.

Light – whether from the sun or thoughtfully positioned accent lighting – wonderfully complements any color from the GIST palette. Promote rest and reflection in your outdoor space by letting the light accentuate the motion of falling water and taking in the orchestra of sights and sounds created by these elements working together. 


Pro tip: A unique feature of the GIST palette are the complementing accent streaks available with certain base colors. The artisans can paint the stripe on 1 side of the fountain or additional sides. The method of application creates a beautiful “drip” effect.

Durability from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

GIST Concrete Products, and its parent company Phoenix Precast, have perfected concrete molding techniques over 20+ years in the industry.

A factor that distinguishes GFRC from wet cast concrete is its tensile strength: GFRC is approximately 3x stronger than traditional cast concrete. This is due to the glass fibers present throughout the material. 

GFRC has a naturally smooth surface, although textured paint can be applied. It is also generally void of “air pockets” – this gives it a clean and modern/artistic appearance, but may lack the naturally rustic look of wet cast concrete. 

Enhance commercial and office space with a GIST fountain

Vortex & Ball Fountain by GIST
The Vortex & Ball Fountain has a look of being in motion thanks to the twisted pedestal design. This fountain creates a modern focal point fitting for any contemporary office, commercial, or university space. 


More than a water feature, a GIST fountain is a piece of functional art. This makes them very popular with business owners and commercial designers.

With the added feature of being able to connect to a dedicated water line (read more about this in the next section), employees of the business won’t need to monitor water levels. This is especially helpful if the fountain is displayed as a focal point within a larger garden bed or other landscaped area that’s not frequently visited on foot. 

A GIST fountain makes a great focal point to office grounds, and promotes a calm environment with its ambient sounds of cascading water. 

Optional: Connect a dedicated water line to your GIST fountains

GIST fountains can be built with the ability for a dedicated water line connection, a useful feature if you’re in a region with high heat and dry air that would increase the evaporation rate. As referenced above, this feature is popular with commercial customers as it reduces the need for employees to monitor water levels. 

If you envision connecting your GIST fountain to a dedicated water line, simply order the optional auto-fill/float device. This device automatically engages the line when it detects a low water level, thus keeping the water level constant. Note that these devices often require a city-approved backflow prevention mechanism to be environmentally compliant. 

Bonus! The ultimate in fire performance 

Double Oblique Fire & Water Fountain by GIST

The Double Oblique Fire & Water Fountain combines 2 elements into a beautiful focal point. Enjoy warmth on cool evenings!


GIST takes fountains to the next level by offering models that combine two elements – water and fire – into a stunning, resort-style water feature.

These models incorporate the same modern and geometric design elements of GIST’s water fountains, with the added functionality of producing a flame. Place one of these fountains where friends and family can gather around it and enjoy the ambient water sounds with the added warmth of the flame. Ideal for cool evenings!

GIST fire & water fountains are can be ordered with either a natural gas or liquid propane hookup configuration.


Pro tip: Fountainful customers appreciate our practice of shipping the complete kit with all water features, reducing their need to shop for components individually. With a GIST fire & water fountain from Fountainful, you’ll also receive the fire pan, burner, electronic ignition with remote start, and the water pump. 

Add a modern masterpiece to your outdoor garden with a GIST water feature from Fountainful

Ball & Wok Fountain by GIST

The Ball & Wok Fountain adds smooth shapes and ambient sounds of cascading water to its space.


As an authorized retailer for GIST Concrete Products, Fountainful proudly offers a diverse selection of GIST fountains in different styles, sizes, and features.

Handmade right here in the USA at a design studio in Arizona, a GIST fountain will add a distinctly modern yet elegant focal point to whatever space you select for it. 


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