glass fiber reinforced concrete gfrc boulder fountains by blue thumb
Featured Image:  "Watershed" 3-Boulder GFRC Fountain


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) boulder fountains provide a combination of strength, natural aesthetics, and practicality that makes them an appealing choice for landscaping and architectural projects around the home, garden, or commercial office grounds. 

A popular segment within our Blue Thumb Collection, boulder fountains work with just about any landscape theme thanks to their ability to be complement both rustic and contemporary settings. 

Read on to learn more about these versatile water features. 

Molded from real boulders 

Blue Thumb artisan at work. GFRC boulder fountains are molded, shaped, prepped, and painted all by hand. 


Every GFRC rock fountain by the Blue Thumb team is made in-house by trained artisans. Engineered to look like real stone at a fraction of the weight, some are even molded from basalt rock formations found in the Columbia Gorge in the Pacific Northwest.

This attention to detail and passion for quality means you can create your ideal landscape with a boulder fountain that's natural looking and realistic, and available in a diverse range of styles and shapes.

As sturdy as real rock but at a fraction of the weight, each boulder is meticulously created following a careful, step-by-step process that ensures years of enjoyment in your garden space. 

Natural stone beauty

To capture the hues and texture of natural rock, each boulder fountain is painted by hand in one of two colors. Choose from Dapple Gray (left) shown here on Manistique Falls or Chestnut (right) shown here on Horseshoe Falls

We’ll let these photos speak for themselves 🤩.

Versatile placement options

 The Mountain Springs GFRC Boulder Fountain in a home garden. Even with its stately presence, it can be positioned in front of other foliage without blocking the view.


With their significant weight savings over natural stone and a subsurface basin design, GFRC boulder fountains can often be placed in areas that wouldn’t be ideal for traditional fountain styles, including flower beds or rock gardens with uneven ground and smaller plots of available space.

Even the largest GFRC boulder fountains can be installed without heavy machinery, making placement more manageable with less manpower, quicker, and potentially even less expensive than real stone fountains. 

Pro tip: Thanks to their lower profile design, they can even be placed in front of other landscaping elements like bushes and tall foliage. 

Bonus: Bird bath boulder fountains!

 The Bird Bath Triple GFRC Boulder Fountain invites birds and wildlife to stop for refreshment at one of three different boulder columns. 


Some of the GFRC boulder fountain models are designed to be easy for birds and other wildlife to access for nourishment. Why not invite them into your outdoor space? The flow control can be set gentle enough to create a welcoming bubbler fountain for them to drink and bathe from.  

Look for models where the water pools for a time before cascading over the sides into the pebbles below. Some good options include Hollow Springs Boulder Fountain and the Large Bird Bath Boulder Fountain..

Add a boulder fountain to your garden space

 Mountain Springs GFRC Boulder Fountain.  GFRC rock fountains by Blue Thumb feature pumps with a flow control knob, allowing you to create a gentle bubbler fountain or a stronger force of jetting water – and any level in between.


Fountainful offers a diverse selection of GFRC boulder fountains in different styles, sizes, and features – including a Fire & Water version!

When ordering a boulder fountain from us, you’ll always receive the complete kit containing the authorized water pump, subsurface basin, landscaping pebbles, and all necessary tubing and hardware for immediate installation and enjoyment. 

Handmade here in the USA, a boulder fountain will add a uniquely modern + rustic focal point to your outdoor landscaping. 

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