copper tree water fountains by blue thumb
Featured Image: Japanese Maple Tree Copper Fountain


Copper tree fountains combine the durability and beauty of hand cut copper and the relaxing ambient sounds of falling water into functional works of art. Yard sculptures possess an ability to center the eye and reinforce your garden’s theme (Jay Sifford, for Houzz Magazine)

And with naturally antimicrobial properties that prevent fungal and bacterial growth, copper has long been a popular metal for garden art.

Copper tree fountains available from Fountainful:

  • Japanese Maple
  • Weeping Willow (Tall)
  • Weeping Willow (Short)
  • Sequoia
  • Oak
  • Weeping Elm
  • Creeping Japanese Maple

…plus we have flower fountains in copper & glass – read on to see them. 

British coppersmithing at its finest 

Closeup of Oak Tree Leaves on Copper Fountain

From the trunk to the branches to the leaves. Each component of a copper tree fountain is individually crafted by hand. Can you spot the midrib and veins on the leaves of this Copper Japanese Maple Tree Fountain?


Copper tree fountains from Fountainful give your garden more than a water feature, they are bespoke pieces of art handcrafted by artisans in England and imported to the United States. No two are exactly alike. 

Featuring a “trunk” that encases the tubing, the fountain “branches” are adorned with copper leaves, each of which is individually hand cut and attached to the branch by the artist. 

Look closely at the photo above and you’ll see the midrib and veins sculpted onto each leaf, exactly how their real-life counterparts look. 


Pro tip: Concerned about a copper tree fountain blocking the view of flowers and foliage? The Creeping Japanese Maple Tree Fountain features a low-profile design. Standing 30” tall, it’s perfect for placement at the front of a flower bed

How do copper tree fountains work?

Copper Tree Fountain Kit

Copper Tree Fountains utilize a subsurface basin into which the water cascades for recirculation. No need to purchase components separately – Fountainful includes the basin and all parts needed for installation.


Water jets from tiny hand forged spouts nestled into each copper leaf. Copper tree fountains utilize a subsurface basin into which the water cascades for recirculation up through hidden tubing and out through the spouts again. The fountains are self contained – no plumbing hookup required! For those who want to attach a dedicated water line, the basin is pre-fit for an auto-fill valve which can be purchased from us if desired. 

A user-friendly instruction manual is included which will guide you through digging the appropriate sized hole for the basin and properly setting up all components. 

The subsurface basin and its grate are incredibly strong – rated to support static weight up to 2,000 pounds. While you must always ensure children do not climb a water feature of any kind, rest assured that, in general, a person walking up to the tree to take a closer look (or an animal passing by) will NOT cause adverse damage to the grate. 


Pro tip: Fountainful customers know our commitment to including everything needed for immediate installation and enjoyment. That’s why we ship a complete kit with each copper fountain. You’ll receive the Copper Tree, Subsurface Basin, High-Efficiency Pump, Stainless Steel Mesh Pre-Filter Pump Bag, Tubing, Ball Valve & Hardware.

The only optional add-on is a bag of polished pebbles to cover the grate – 200 pounds is recommended – which you can select on the product page.  

Watch a copper tree fountain in action!

Take a moment and escape to the gentle ambient sounds of the Japanese Maple Tree Copper Fountain.

Bonus: Flower fountains in copper AND glass

Blue Iris Copper & Glass Fountain

 The Blue Iris Copper & Glass Fountain is a 4+ feet tall example of stunning craftsmanship. Hand cut copper and hand blown glass – what's not to love? 


As if the detailed craftsmanship of the copper tree fountains isn’t stunning enough, Fountainful also offers copper fountain flowers. Bringing together art, metal, water, and glass, these fountains feature hand blown glass alongside the individually hand cut copper leaves. 

Water jets from tiny copper spouts formed to resemble pistils inside each blossom, and cascades 4 feet down into the subsurface basin for recirculation. And just like with the copper tree fountains, Fountainful ships the complete kit for immediate installation and enjoyment. 


Height note: These fountains are much taller than their real-life counterparts. Both the Red Iris Fountain and the Blue Iris Fountain stand over 4-feet tall! The Orange Trumpet Flower Fountain is just shy of 4 feet in height. 

Enhance your garden with a copper tree fountain from Fountainful

Large Oak Tree Copper Fountain next to gazebo

This customer added another layer of relaxing sight and sounds to the yard by placing their Copper Oak Tree Fountain next to the gazebo.


As of the date of this post, Fountainful proudly offers 7 different copper tree fountain styles and 3 copper and glass flower fountains by Blue Thumb.

When ordering with us, you’ll receive the complete kit containing all necessary components for immediate installation and enjoyment! These fountains are imported from England and ship from Blue Thumb’s facilities in Michigan. Fountainful covers the shipping cost to any customer residing in the Lower 48 U.S. 

See our complete Metal & Glass Collection

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