brass bowl spillway style garden water fountain by blue thumb
Featured Image:  Triple Spillway Brass Bowl Fountain


Brass garden fountains can serve as captivating focal points to your garden or outdoor space. As you’d imagine, the benefits of brass garden décor depends on the quality of the craftsmanship and passion behind the creations. Fountainful offers brass fountains from an industry leading metal and stone company, Blue Thumb Fountains, and features 3 brass varieties in our Blue Thumb Metal & Glass Collection.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with how garden fountains improve wellbeing but haven’t yet considered a brass option. We’re here to tell you that the gentle sounds of flowing water from a brass spillway style fountain will add a relaxing auditory dimension to your outdoor space and help mask unwanted ambient noise!

Read on for specific benefits incorporating brass garden fountains into your landscape. 

Brass fountains are rust resistant & durable

Double Spillway Brass Bowl Fountain by Blue Thumb

The Double Spillway Brass Bowl Fountain by Blue Thumb is 53+ total pounds of brass bowls and components. Unlike other metals, brass does not rust!


Unlike iron or steel, brass does not rust and is a durable metal that can withstand outdoor elements including sunlight exposure, rain, and temperature extremes. 

High-quality brass fountains, like the models built by the Blue Thumb design team and offered by Fountainful, are built to last. They ensure years of water feature enjoyment by maintaining their visual appeal and structural & functional integrity over time. 

Patina development on brass fountains

Tapered Square Brass Urn Fountain by Blue Thumb

The aqua patina, applied to these brass fountains shortly after being made, is seen here on the Tapered Square Brass Urn Fountain by Blue Thumb.


Brass is an alloy that's usually made up of 67% copper and 33% zinc. As brass ages, it develops a natural patina due to the oxidation of its copper component.

The brass spillway fountains from Fountainful already have a jumpstart on this aged look, as the brass is given an aqua toned patina shortly after being formed into the bowls and urn. This patina finish adds depth and character to the metal’s appearance and will further enhance an existing vintage or antique decorative theme. 

Diverse placement options for brass fountains 

Triple Spillway Brass Bowl Fountain by Blue Thumb

With modern material + aqua patina finish, the Triple Spillway Brass Bowl Fountain by Blue Thumb is at home in any decorative theme: rustic, modern, farmhouse and more. 


Fashioned metals and alloys are typically associated with modern design themes. However, the aqua tone patina applied to the brass fountains featured in this post adds a rustic element that makes these fountains viable contenders for placement in a diverse range of decorative themes

Additionally, brass is typically associated with luxury and sophistication. Whether your plans for a brass fountain is as the focal point of your landscape or tucked away for private enjoyment, they provide a way to level up the aesthetic appeal of your space and add a touch of elegance to its surroundings. 

Brass fountains from Fountainful: A complete kit for immediate installation

When selecting a brass water fountain from our Metal & Glass Collection, consider your personal style, the existing aesthetic of your garden, and how the water feature will complement the overall landscape (i.e., a bold focal point vs. a background accent piece). 

We imagine it would be frustrating to take delivery of a fountain only to discover additional parts or components are needed for installation. That’s why the Blue Thumb brass fountains from Fountainful ship as a COMPLETE KIT.

You’ll receive:

  • Brass spillway-style fountain
  • 48” diameter high-strength subsurface basin with anti-splash mat
  • High-efficiency pump
  • Tubing & hardware
  • 5 bags of black polished landscaping pebbles

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