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A water fountain will do much more than upgrade your space. As a link between your home and nature, it can improve your wellbeing.

Home is one of the most important places in a person’s life. Your home is a personal slice of heaven where you can escape, relax, and enjoy life.

While many homeowners focus on their kitchens and living rooms, only a few people invest the time and money into their backyards and outdoor spaces. Backyards and outdoor spaces are where we can connect to nature in the comfort of privacy.

Since we’ve all spent more time at home in recent years, more people are turning their backyards into garden oases.

Unique features like Water Fountains act as the perfect centerpiece to transform your outdoor spaces into your special corner of the world.

Why Outdoor Spaces Are Important for your Home

While many of us enjoy our walks along the beach or picnics in the park, researchers have uncovered evidence that time in nature is great for our physical and mental health.

Mental Health Benefits

With the average person staring at a screen for almost 7 hours daily, time spent in nature is a necessary reprieve for our brains. Researchers discovered that spending time outdoors can improve our working memory, cognitive flexibility, and attentional control.

Time spent in nature improves our cognitive abilities and can significantly impact our mood. Scientists worldwide have documented the mood-boosting effects of frequent contact with nature. These benefits range from increases in happiness, subjective well-being, positive affect, positive social interactions, and a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

In both studies, spending less time in nature and more time indoors or in urban environments witnessed the opposite effects, causing decreases in cognitive ability, happiness, and overall mood.

Physical Health Benefits

Our connection to nature goes beyond our mental and spiritual needs. While good mental health leads to improved physical health, there are numerous physical health benefits we can gain from spending more time outdoors.

Air pollution can be tough to escape, especially for people who spend much time indoors or near urban areas. Air pollution can trigger allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases. One study found that women who spent more time outdoors were 34% less likely to die from respiratory diseases.

Although more than 1 in 3 Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, many don’t realize that time spent in nature can improve our sleep. By exposing ourselves to sunlight, we can improve our cycadean rhythm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

Although society has moved away from our connection to the outdoors, it’s crystal clear that our minds and bodies still crave our connection to nature. By improving the quality and quantity of our time spent in nature, we can all build toward healthier lifestyles.

6 Benefits of Outdoor Garden Water Fountains

Whether it’s a porch, backyard, or home garden, by investing in features like a water fountain, you can transform your outdoor space into a luxurious nature sanctuary. Water fountains can provide an extra element of tranquility, beauty, and extravagance to your outdoor space.

1. Visual Aesthetic

Water fountains, at their core, are stunning works of art and home décor. These functional sculptures can bring new life into your garden by incorporating new materials and design elements.

Beyond the sculptures themselves, the inclusion of water can elevate any backyard. The world’s most incredible gardens and hotels all include marvelous water features to embody the grace and beauty of water. While you likely can’t fit the Bellagio fountain or private lake into your garden, even the simplest water fountain can help transform your outdoor space.

2. Relaxing and Serene Ambiance

In an age of constant noise and notifications, water fountains can offer us a moment of reprieve from our busy lives. Studies about the effects of white noise show the calming power that ambient noises can have on our brains.

Water fountains can drown out the chaotic noises of the outside world and create a relaxing and serene ambiance wherever they’re placed. Each water fountain has its own beautiful soundscape, allowing homeowners to choose a sound and style that fits their needs.

3. Attract Wildlife

Water fountains are a great way to increase your area’s biodiversity and attract wildlife to your garden. Birds, butterflies, and other animals are attracted to water to drink and bathe. Not only is this a fun form of entertainment, but it can improve your connection to nature.

4. Improves Air Quality

While getting a water fountain for your garden might encourage you to get outside and breathe fresher air, water fountains can improve the air quality in your area. Flowing water produces negative ions that attract and remove dust particles and allergens from the air. Essentially, water fountains work as natural air purifiers wherever they’re placed.

5. Cooling Effect

Many of us live in areas where temperatures are increasing each year. Even in the cooler months and at night, the daytime heat can linger and prevent us from enjoying our outdoor spaces.

Water fountains have become popular tools in cities, parks, and homes to cool down the surrounding air and make outdoor spaces more usable. The slow evaporation effect from water fountains can help lower temperatures and improve the environment around them.

6. Natural Humidifier

As water fountains emit water into the air, they cool the surrounding environment and act as a natural humidifier. For those that live in the desert or other naturally dry climates, water fountains can reduce the dryness and harshness of any garden or courtyard.

Building the Garden of Your Dreams with a Water Fountain from Fountainful

Because our connection to nature is so fragile and dwindling, it’s never been more important. Spending time in nature has been proven to improve our physical and mental well-being, especially when we have access to nature at home.

Water fountains are the perfect way to transform any outdoor space into a luxury oasis where you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of nature from the comfort of your home.

At Fountainful, we're pleased to offer an eclectic mix of water fountains for any decorative style or theme. Shop our Heritage Collection for fairytale vibes and classic European style, or our Rustic Collection for downhome styles that inspire rest and relaxation. 

For lovers of modern art, our Contemporary Collection may just contain the next conversation piece for your garden.  

By finding the right water fountain for your home, you can create an extravagant and peaceful environment perfect for entertainment, relaxation, and connecting with the world around us.



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