massarelli and giannini concrete water fountains and a granite fountain by blue thumb in a garden

The Proven Benefits of Water Fountains

One of life’s pleasures is creating your own backyard oasis. Your backyard is a place to gather with friends and family, connect with nature, and enjoy a reprieve from the outside world. 

Outdoor fountains are a popular centerpiece in many of the world’s gardens. They act as a focal point for outdoor spaces while delivering soothing ambient sounds of running water and inviting wildlife to enjoy the garden with you. 

A word to our fellow Gen Z & Millennials! Our generations have cultivated a reputation for being environmentally conscious and pro-mental health – yet, we don’t often include water fountains in our home decor or fully realize how they connect us with nature and unlock numerous health benefits

Whether you’re looking to modernize your backyard or build a garden oasis from scratch, a water fountain can bring a sense of tranquility to your natural refuge.

1. Tiered Water Fountains Offer Classic Elegance 

Grand Chateau Fountain by Giannini

Grand Chateau by Giannini Garden Ornaments

Tiered water fountains reflect a sense of tradition and style. As the water races to the top, it spouts out of the finial and cascades over each pool, creating melodious sounds on its way down. This fountain style is reminiscent of many of the world’s classic gardens and parks.

Traditionally made out of cast stone concrete, tiered fountains embody a sense of timeless beauty and opulence. Most tiered fountains include stylistic sculptural features such as lion heads, flowers, human figures, and more. 

2. Wall Fountains Transform a Boring Fence or Wall

Brentwood Wall Fountain by Giannini

Brentwood Wall Fountain by Giannini Garden Ornaments

Wall fountains offer a modern take on sprucing up a boring wall or fence. Many models stand 6 feet or taller, letting the water trickle down a backsplash and eventually collect in a stone pool. Wall fountains should always be secured to a wall or other stable structure for stability.

Contemporary-style wall fountains, like the Brentwood model pictured here, are quickly becoming best sellers. Other popular wall fountains are reminiscent of what you might find in a medieval castle, and some even include built-in stone planter boxes

3. Real Stone Fountains Define Natural Beauty

Black Ribbed Granite Fountain by Blue ThumbBlack Ribbed Granite by Blue Thumb

Real stone fountains are dazzling masterpieces, shaped by nature and perfected at the hands of skilled artisans. A path for the water is forged through the natural rock, and the water bubbles out of the top and cascades down all sides into subsurface basin for recirculation.

Fountainful’s Natural Collection exclusively features rocks quarried here in the United States and includes granite, marble, basalt, and onyx varieties. No two are exactly alike, and some of the seemingly delicate spherical fountains top out at 600+ pounds!

4. Fire & Water Fountains: Resort-Style Ambience

Fire & Water Fountain by The Outdoor Plus

Olympian Fire & Water Fountain by The Outdoor Plus

Fire & Water fountains combine two of the most powerful elements into one technological marvel. The dancing flames and cascading waves command attention, and these pieces are open-ended love letters to the beauty that fountains can bring to any outdoor space. 

Fire & Water fountains instill a level of modern luxury and natural beauty that’s truly unique. While modern styles are popular, there are also rustic interpretations perfect for enjoying a cool evening outside with friends and family. 

5. Garden Variety Fountains For Any Outdoor Space

Garden Sunburst Fountain by Massarelli's

Garden Sunburst by Massarelli’s

Garden Variety fountains are incredibly popular, as they tend to be smaller and more easily placed into a variety of spaces and niches within your outdoor enclave. 

Garden fountains can be rustic or modern, and molded into just about any form the artisan can imagine. A garden fountain design may integrate a spill style, feature bubbling cascades, or incorporate a waterfall. They are not typically tiered. Garden variety fountains offer a diverse range of ambient sounds to inspire rest and reflection or even help mask street noise.

6. Bonus! Contemporary & Non-Traditional Fountains 

Rubix & Wok by GIST 

Contemporary art fountains are bold and unique in design. With a variety of styles, shapes, materials, and water features, they make extraordinary statement pieces for any outdoor space. How often do you see a dodecagon?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete is among the most popular materials as it provides incredibly high flexural strength. Contemporary art fountains are meant to grab your guests’ attention and work well as the focal point of your landscape. 

How to Build Your Garden Oasis with Fountainful

Backyards are increasingly recognized as the highlight of a home. They serve as a natural refuge from the outside world and the craziness of life’s schedules. 

With so many options of handcrafted, high-quality fountains available, Fountainful is becoming the premier online destination to find a water fountain for any space Not sure where to start? Our team is ready to answer your questions and help turn your backyard into a peaceful garden oasis. 

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