Transform Your Garden with Round Concrete Stepping Stones
Featured Image: Welcome Pineapple Stepping Stone by Massarelli's


A thoughtfully constructed pathway can create a sense of journey and discovery within your garden. When you’ve spent so much time cultivating a serene outdoor space, it’s only natural to want to share its beauty with others. Adding a pathway with round concrete stepping stones can help guide visitors through your garden for decades thanks to their durable craftsmanship.

➤ Pro Tip: strategically place stepping stones to help reach a hard-to-access birdbath and make water refills a breeze!

In this article, we'll explore the unique features and benefits of round concrete stepping stones from Fountainful, and compare several pieces to help you find the best fit for your garden. We’ll also introduce Massarelli’s Garden Greetings as a charming way to add a personal touch to your pathway. Join us as we step into the world of garden design with options that are both durable and stylish!

Round concrete stepping stones 

Fountainful's round concrete stepping stones are handcrafted from cast stone concrete by skilled U.S. artisans using locally sourced materials. With finishes that gracefully age over time and designs that are as unique as your garden, Fountainful's stepping stone collection offers a personalized touch to your outdoor space and ensures that no two paths are ever the same. Below is a spotlight on just a few of our favorites. 

1. Sunflower Concrete 18'' Round Stepping Stone

Sunflower Concrete Round Stepping Stone by Massarelli
These heavy-duty round concrete stepping stones, available in twenty different finishes, feature a detailed sunflower design that will add a wildflower-inspired touch to your outdoor space.


Material: Cast Stone Concrete

Color Options: 20

Size: 18" diameter x 2" thick

Weight: 34 lbs.

Ideal For: 

Gardeners looking to add a durable, robust, and decorative element to their pathways.

Might Not Be For: 

Those seeking lightweight or easily movable garden decorations. Due to its weight and size, the Sunflower Stepping Stone is best placed in a semi-permanent location where its fine craftsmanship can be appreciated up close.

2. Faux Bois 15-Inch Round Concrete Stepping Stones

Faux Bois Stepping Stone by Campania

These Faux Bois Stepping Stones from Campania make unique garden accents and are designed to mimic the intricate details of a tree trunk cross-section.


Material: Cast Stone Concrete

Color Options: 14

Size: 15.5" diameter x 1.5" thick

Weight: 20 lbs.

Ideal For: 

Those who appreciate the rustic, natural aesthetic in their garden pathways or as standalone decorative elements.

Might Not Be For: 

Individuals desiring stepping stones adorned with artful designs, symbols, or pictorial representations. 

3. Hydrangea Leaf Large Round concrete Stepping Stones

Hydrangea Leaf Stepping Stone by Campania

The Hydrangea Leaf Stepping Stones from Campania bring the beauty of one of the most beloved flowers underfoot. Each 17-inch round concrete stepping stone captures the intricate details of hydrangea leaves to enhance garden paths.


Material: Cast Stone Concrete

Color Options: 14 (Featured in Alpine Stone)

Size: 17" diameter x 1.25" thick

Weight: 19 lbs

Ideal For: 

Gardeners looking to infuse their outdoor spaces with natural designs or floral-themed gardens.

Might Not Be For: Those seeking more geometric or minimalist design elements for an ultra-modern or sparsely decorated outdoor area.

4. Flower Power 12-Inch & Above Whimsical Stepping Stones

Flower Power Stepping Stones by Campania

The Flower Power Stepping Stones are available in three different sizes, and offer both a fun aesthetic and enduring functionality for garden pathways or decorative accents.


Material: Cast Stone Concrete

Color Options: 14 (Featured in Alpine Stone)

Sizes and Weights:

Small: 12.25" diameter x 2" thick / 15 lbs

Medium: 15.5" diameter x 2" thick / 22 lbs

Large: 18.5" diameter x 2" thick / 30 lbs

Ideal For: 

Those looking to add a playful, creative touch to their garden paths. The set's varying sizes and the iconic flower design make it perfect for gardens that celebrate color and creativity.

Might Not Be For: 

Gardens with a more traditional or subdued aesthetic may find the Flower Power Stepping Stones too whimsical.

Personalize your Pathway with a Garden Greeting

Love for a Dog Garden Greeting

Garden Greetings by Massarelli's are concrete stones meant to be more decorative than functional given their smaller size and thickness. Whether it’s marking a path with a welcoming phrase, or memorializing a loved one in words, there are a diverse array of messages to choose from. Check out all our available garden greetings below to find the one that suits your personality best. 

Love and Family


For the Love of Pets



Community Heroes


Round Concrete Stepping Stones for Sale at Fountainful!

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