Discover the Best Large Outdoor Rock Water Fountains for Your Backyard Oasis
Featured Image: Rustic Basalt 3-Column Fountain by Blue Thumb shown with IllumiGlow® Ground LIghting Kit


Transforming your backyard into the place to be begins with the right centerpiece: a large outdoor rock water fountain. Water fountains add a visual anchor, soothing sounds, and an inviting ambiance to outdoor spaces. Whether nestled among lush greenery or standing boldly on a patio, a large outdoor rock water fountain will serve as a stunning focal point in any landscape design.

In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the myriad of large outdoor rock water fountains available from Fountainful including the GFRC Boulder Collection — handmade boulders that offer the charm and durability of natural rock without the hefty weight — and the Natural Collection, which features natural, quarried rock for those seeking the authenticity of raw nature. From considering different sizes and types of stone to strategic placement tips, we’ll help you navigate the choices and find the perfect large outdoor rock water fountain that complements your space.

What is the best material for outdoor fountains?

The best material for large outdoor rock water fountains depends on the climate and the aesthetic you're aiming for. Natural stone and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) are among the most popular due to their durability and natural appearance. Stone provides a classic, timeless look, while GFRC is lighter, easier to mold into intricate designs, and less susceptible to weathering. Both materials are excellent for creating stunning, long-lasting outdoor fountains.

Pro Tip: Add a Sediment Screen to your natural stone water fountain order for added protection – the Sediment Screen is especially helpful in areas prone to falling leaves, beetles, and June bugs.

Best Large Outdoor Rock Water Fountains: The GFRC Boulder Collection

The GFRC Boulder Collection provides the rugged beauty of natural rock with lighter, more manageable materials. Check out two of our favorite large outdoor rock water fountains from this collection below.

1. 5-Column “Basalt” GFRC Boulder Extra Large Outdoor Rock Water Fountain

5-Column GFRC Basalt Fountain

The Triple "Basalt" 5-Boulder
large outdoor rock water fountain combines functional art with practical design, making it a splendid choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space with a durable, stylish water feature. Handcrafted from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and molded from real boulders, each of the five columns resembles natural basalt rock at a fraction of the weight. This design ensures the fountain's durability while offering flexibility of placement.


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Fountain Dimensions: Heights ranging from 18"H to 48"H; Total weight: 210 lbs

Basin Dimensions: 52.5" square x 20"H; Capacity: 220 gallons

Pump Specifications: 800 GPH Mag-Drive Pump with a 20 ft. power cord


  • Aesthetic Appeal: The rustic look of natural basalt enhances outdoor spaces
  • Versatile Placement: GFRC offers the look of real stone with enhanced durability and easier handling
  • Calming Effect: The sounds of water emanating from each of the five spouts promotes relaxation and may help mask certain background noise


  • Wait Time for Specific Colors: The Chestnut option requires additional processing time, which could delay delivery
  • Space Requirement: Due to its multiple columns and larger basin, this fountain requires a considerable amount of space, which might not be suitable for smaller gardens

2. Fire and Water GFRC Boulder Outdoor Rock Fountain

Fire & Water GFRC Boulder Fountain

This Fire and Water GFRC
large outdoor rock water fountain is perfect for those who wish to enjoy cool evenings outdoors accompanied by the gentle sound of cascading water, and the warm glow of a fire. Its unique design and durable construction are sure to impress guests.


Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Gas Type: Ready for Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

Fountain Dimensions: 45"L x 36"W x 12"H; Weight: 120 lbs

Basin Dimensions: 40" x 46" x 14"H; Capacity: 82 gallons


  • Dual Features: Offers both a fire pit and a water fountain for enhanced ambiance
  • Lightweight Design: Though molded from real boulders, the use of GFRC makes this fountain significantly lighter than natural stone, facilitating easier relocation
  • Exceptional Durability: GFRC is known for its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking


  • Fuel Dependency: Requires a consistent supply of Liquid Propane or Natural Gas, which may necessitate regular refilling or connection to a gas line
  • Color Limitation: The specialized coloring process for the Chestnut option means a longer wait time for delivery

Natural Rock Fountains Outdoor: The Natural Collection

These models from the Natural Collection will bring the unique character of real stone into your outdoor space. 

3. Rustic Basalt 3-Column Natural Rock Water Fountain

Rustic Basalt Fountain Kit

The Rustic Basalt 3-Column
large outdoor rock water fountain by Blue Thumb is crafted from beautifully quarried basalt. Each of the three basalt columns of varying heights is individually cut and rough-hewn by skilled artisans. Water gently bubbles and cascades down all sides, creating a stunning 360-degree visual and auditory display. Designed to be the centerpiece of any garden, courtyard, or lawn, this fountain combines natural beauty with the soothing sounds of flowing water.


Material: Natural Basalt Stone

Basin Dimensions: Diameter: 48", Height: 16" (tapers to 51.5" total diameter)

Water Capacity: 95 gallons

Pump Specifications:

Short Set: 1,495 GPH Mag-Drive Pump with a 20 ft power cord.

Tall & Extra Tall Set: 1,980 GPH Mag-Drive Pump with a 20 ft power cord

Available Sizes:

Short Set: 18"H, 24"H, 30"H; total weight 360 lbs

Tall Set: 24"H, 30"H, 36"H; total weight 450 lbs

Extra Tall Set: 24"H, 36"H, 48"H; total weight 540 lbs


  • Durable Aesthetic Appeal: Enhances outdoor spaces with a long-lasting natural, rugged look
  • Sound Insulation: The strong ambient sounds help mask unwanted noise
  • Low Maintenance: Does not require plumbing hookup, easing installation and upkeep


  • Weight: The substantial weight requires permanent placement and special installation
  • Color Variation: As natural stone varies, the exact color and pattern may not match the sample images exactly

4. Basalt Block "Ichise" Large Natural Rock Fountain Outdoor

Basalt Block Ichise Fountain

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Basalt Block "Ichise" Fountain from Blue Thumb, part of the exclusive Zenshu series. Named after the Japanese word for "one," this
large outdoor rock water fountain embodies simplicity and unity. Crafted from black basalt, the fountain's sides retain their natural, rugged texture, while the top surface is polished to a smooth finish. Its understated shape is designed to complement a variety of decorative themes without overshadowing the surrounding foliage.


Material: Natural Basalt Stone

Fountain Dimensions: 48"L x 27"W x 10"H; Weight: 1,500 lbs

Basin Dimensions: 52.5" square x 20"H; Weight: 145 lbs.; Capacity: 220 gallons

Pump Specifications: 1,495 GPH Mag-Drive Pump with a 20 ft power cord


  • Natural Stone Construction: Forged from real, volcanic basalt for unparalleled durability
  • Low-Profile Design: Its compact height ensures that it won't obstruct the view of your garden
  • Soothing Water Sound: Three water plumes provide a calming, ambient sound to promote tranquility


  • Weight: At 1,500 pounds, installation will require professional and permanent placement
  • Water Treatment: Regular use of muck buster tablets is necessary to maintain water clarity and prevent algae growth
  • Price: As a premium product, it may be at a higher price point

Our American-crafted water features invite you to create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Visit our website at to browse our collection. We welcome you to call us at 214-901-7275 with any questions between the hours of 9am and 5pm CST Monday through Friday. 

Large Outdoor Rock Water Fountains FAQ

Do outdoor fountains use a lot of electricity?

Large outdoor rock water fountains do require electricity to run the pump, but they do not typically consume a lot of power. Modern fountain pumps are designed to be energy-efficient. The actual electricity consumption will depend on the size of the pump and how frequently the fountain is operated. Using timers or adjusting the pump's settings can help reduce electricity usage further.

How do I keep my outdoor fountain water clean naturally?

Keeping large outdoor rock water fountain water clean naturally involves a few key practices:

  1. Regularly remove debris.
  2. Use a pump with a filter to keep the water circulating.
  3. Introduce natural water cleaners like barley straw pellets, which release enzymes that help break down algae without harming plants or wildlife.
  4. Avoid chemicals and opt for natural algae inhibitors.
  5. Occasionally, drain and scrub the fountain with a brush and a mixture of water and vinegar to remove algae buildup.

Should you leave an outdoor fountain on all the time?

Leaving an outdoor fountain running continuously can extend the pump's life and prevent algae and bacteria by keeping the water fresh. However, using a timer to operate the fountain during daytime hours or when most likely to be enjoyed can save energy and water.

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